Just in time for Love’s Sweetest Day {Valentine’s Day}, our Love & Devotion Jewelry Collection is here.

Tell the one you love you would adore a sweet something from FrenchGardenHouse Jewelry to add elegance and beauty to your wardrobe.


A perennial favorite, our FrenchGardenHouse antique necklaces are back. Each one is a unique combination of antique chains, one-of-a-kind fobs {some were lovingly engraved}, a diminutive chatelaine pencil or wax seals.  All are gold fill or sterling silver.


Wear a piece of history, these treasures are all one-of-a-kind just like you!

Each one is a one-of-a-kind work of art and accessory, lovingly curated by our favorite jewelry designers.

Each one will captivate you with its love and sentiment, and sheer artistry and beauty. Even though we no longer know the meaning or story behind these little pieces of history, who wore it, whose initials are carved in the seals or etched on the fobs,


The history of watch chains, fobs, and seals is fascinating!  {to me, anyway, hoping to YOU too!}




Watch Chain and Fob History.


In the 17th and 18th century, the watch was the darling of the nobility. Tiny scientific marvels and miniature works of art, both ladies and gentlemen wore watch chains with fobs, keys and their personal seals attached to their watches. Watch chains were long, to show from under the coat.  Originally, “fob” was the name for the tiny pocket sewn near the waistband of breeches where a gentleman kept his valuables, including his pocket watch.



Women wore their watches attached to the waistband of their gown, or on a sash. At one time, it was the height of fashion to wear two watches, as shown, below, by the always fashionable Marie Antoinette.

Over time, the word was used for the ornate chains, as well as the little charms that were added to the watch chains.  The watch fobs were not only a fashion statement, they made it easier to check the time without having to dig into the tiny pockets the watches were kept in.



The charms dangling from both a lady’s and a gentleman’s watch chain were personal necessities, most often their watch key, and a seal.

No person of means would be without the two. The first one is obvious, to keep the watch wound. The second one, a seal, was a much more personal piece used with wax to seal all correspondence.  Since not everyone could read, a wax seal was a means of “signing” a document.

The wax seals are beautiful, and the most personal fob, a little piece of history that always captures my heart.



Used for sealing letters, since most letters were hand carried, handled by servants both at the sender’s home as well as the recipient’s home, a seal insured no eyes other than those intended could read your hand written missive. Love letter, or not.


Here are a few of my very favorite of the latest antique necklaces enhanced by romantic seals and fobs.

19th Century Gold & Bloodstone Watch Fob.



The bloodstone is beautiful, dark, deep green, almost black, with flecks of red in the stone. The legend of the bloodstone comes from the Middle Ages, and claims that the “bloodstone” was formed at the crucifixion of Jesus, when his blood fell onto the dark green earth and turned to stone.  The stone is aggregate heliotrope, a variety of jasper.


19th Century Intaglio “To You” Wax Seal Fob Necklace


This sweet intaglio 19th century seal is very romantic, along with a forget-me-not flower, ” To You ” is carved into the agate stone.  It’s a small seal, indicating it belonged to a lady.



Large Victorian Watch Fob with two Pocket Watch Chains


The largest of the recently acquired necklaces, this is my favorite. {I know you’re not supposed to pick favorites} It has a gorgeous green stone, and the prettiest filigree work. This is truly a statement making necklace.





19th Century Wax Seal Necklace with Bloodstone and CMC Monogram


A stunning bloodstone with intaglio initials of C M C.  Remember that since the seals are meant to impress in wax, everything is backwards.




Antique Agate and Gold Intaglio Wax Seal Necklace


How pretty is this? A Greek key border encircles the two initials in this seal, carved into white agate.

I’ll admit, I love all of these!   If any of these pieces tug at your heartstrings, don’t hesitate.




Next time, I’l share these wonderful antique gold and sterling silver chatelaine pencils that are worn on a chain. {Since not many of us wear chatelaines anymore!}



  1. Ginger Valdes

    They are all so unique and beautiful, Lidy! Your knowledge of these items and the sharing of it makes these all the more special!

  2. I love every single one of them, Ginger. That someone loved and wore them daily so long ago makes them all the more special.

  3. These are so gorgeous in person!! You wore the green one the other night at dinner and I couldn’t take my eyes off it! It truly is a beautiful piece!!

    1. Thank you Tammy! It is a beauty, and soon to be winging its way to its new owner. It was so wonderful having dinner with you.

    1. Thank you Rita, we adore all the old, old pieces, don’t we?

  4. Norma Rolader

    Oh my what gorgeous pieces and love that you have shared with us

    1. Thank you for always leaving such an encouraging comment, Norma. I hope you have a gorgeous weekend, friend!

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