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Some of you might have noticed I’ve been a little absent. I’m so sorry!


Set of Antique French Napkins


Just before Christmas, I got that cold/flu bug that everyone seems to have, and it’s not a pretty nor easy to get rid of one!  {I’ve been lucky, I don’t think I’ve been sick for over 5 years!}

Anyway, long story short – on day three of this flu thingie, I fainted. In the bathroom. Oh, so not pretty! Thankfully, John was home to pick me off the bathroom floor, and I am fine. I did go to the Dr. to check out my two egg-sized lumps on my head. She said I was fine.


Antique Round Bread Board


On Christmas day, I had two black eyes from the fall. Trust me, a raccoon had nothing on me!  Never mind, we still had a joyful Christmas dinner here at FrenchGardenHouse with 15 of our most beloved people, me wearing half a jar of theatrical grade cover-up make up on my face.



1891 Blue Floral Antique Bowls


After the holidays, with my pretty black eyes, I spent some time taking care of me, because that flu, and probably the fall, made me so tired.

And that’s why I haven’t been blogging so much, I’ve been trying to get completely better.


Bon Appetit Linen | Antique French Country Flatware set for 6


I also learned two things about myself.

1. It’s crazy how we I take our health for granted.  I’m so grateful I’m well now, and am more than ever on a mission to take good care of myself.

2. I am a lot more vain than I thought! The black eyes have gone away, but I’ll be honest and say I really stayed inside almost for three weeks while they were at their worst. Thankfully,  now there are just the tiniest dots under each eye that I can hide under cover up for market this weekend and next week.


French Salt & Pepper


During this time that I was getting better, our family ate a lot of soup. Soup is universally good for you, isn’t it?


Equestrian Apron


There is something about a large bowl of hot soup, with a wonderful chunk of bread, that is comforting and healing.

During this cold month of January, soup is on my menu quite a bit.


Here are some of our FrenchGardenHouse favorites:







I will be at market sourcing beauties for our Spring Gift Collection this weekend and early next week, but then, I promise, I’ll go back to my “normal” blogging schedule.


I miss you!


Coming next week: A Valentine’s Day Tablescape {tour! joining my favorite designer friends too}, Interior Design Market Trends,  and an introduction to the collection of exceptionally stunning antique jewelry for Valentine’s gifting {for you!!} including gold and sterling silver watch fobs, seals, and chatelaine pencils on necklaces.



French Ironstone Tureen | French Antique Ironstone Tureen | Country Checked Bowl | 1920’s Soup Spoons | European Chef Apron | Equestrian Double Mitt



See you next week!


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  1. Ginger Valdes

    Oh Lidy! I’m so sorry you were I’ll and fell! That’s terrible! As time goes on, it gets more and more difficult to bounce back from these terrible viruses. I do get a flu vaccination every year, but it doesn’t help eliminate other terrible viruses that go around. I’m sure that we easily pick these up at the grocery store, even after cart wiping and hand sanitizer! Unfortunately, while going to your job or school is highly discouraged when I’ll, folks still need to shop. And there we are! SICK! UGH! So glad you’re better!
    XOXO Ginger

  2. Dear Lidy,Glad to hear you’re fine now.
    You’re so right that we take our health for granted.
    Glad you’re back.

  3. Wow, Lidy, how frightening! This flu season is genuinely full of horror stories. I’m really glad your fall was not any more serious than you described, but do be cautious in the near future of any residual symptoms which may present themselves as a result of the hit to your head.

  4. Oh my. As if the flu was not enough a fall as well. I am very glad that you are well and even happier that you took yourself to a doctor after that nasty fall. A bump on the head is nothing to sniff at.

    For myself when it’s cold I like a bowl of split pea soup with ham. Today I am going to use the ham bone that I had frozen from Christmas. Maybe I am over reacting with the soup – as I am in Florida…..

  5. Cassandra Bullington

    So sorry Lidy to hear that you caught that nasty flu bug, which is bad enough, but then to fall on top of that! Very happy to hear that you are feeling much better. I totally agree with you as to how most of us don’t truly appreciate our good health until we really get down. Take good care and stay healthy for 2018.

  6. Renee Harris

    Glad you are on the mend. We do take for granted our health. God bless you for a complete recovery.

  7. Norma Rolader

    Oh my items to add to my wish list … I love all your items and thank you for sharing … So glad you are doing better and prayers for your continued healing and yes you have been missed

  8. Lidy, so sorry to hear you have been sick and that you fell. Dreadful. But, happy to hear you are doing much better. Do be careful not to pick up your normal pace before you have given yourself a chance to really get better.

    Our favorite soup is cream of broccoli and roasted red pepper. Soup is not only comfort food – but it warms our hearts and souls as well.

    Be good to you, Lidy. Looking forward to your blogs, you have been missed.

  9. So glad you are on the mend Lidy. Many people are getting this years flu bug and the flu shot that was given isn’t as effective as they had hoped. It’s very dangerous and the young and old are succumbing to it. I’m being extra careful when leaving the house and washing my hands really often hopeing to avoid it altogether. I missed you and am glad to see you back.

  10. Tracey McCauley

    Oh dear! So sorry to hear this but so glad you’re on the mend! Thank you for sharing the wonderful soup recipes and of course your stunning blog, pics and posts! However, please take it easy and enjoy the quiet time to recuperate and heal! All of us Lidy Fans will surely understand!

  11. Thank you so much, Tracey, I’m almost back to 100% ready to take the world by storm. I’ll be at market for the next days, putting together our summer collection and hoping to find one or two surprises for our spring gift collection. Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

  12. Sharon Sheehy

    Thank God you are feeling better! You have been missed, but so happy that you did not lose your sense of humor, that and prayer gets us through so many trials!

  13. Lidy, I am so glad that you are feeling better. Your health comes first! This flu bug is awful! My children are homeschooled, and we have been staying in quite a bit. Several local schools have closed down due to the flu. Take care of yourself, and get plenty of rest. I look forward to you posts in the new year!

  14. Beverly Ivey

    So sorry you have been sick! I’ve missed your posts. As to the vanity thing, I (and I’m sure other cancer survivors) can attest to the fact that when I look back on the chemotherapy experience, I remember the worst part was loss of my hair. I never thought I was vain, either, but, women are women, after all.

  15. Carolyn Shook

    So sorry to hear you were sick and falling to. I also had a virus in December, no fun! Glad to hear you are better and I certainly missed you post! They inspire me so much!

  16. Oh Lidy, what an ordeal just in time for the holidays! I’m so sorry that you were so sick!!! I’m trying to imagine your darling face with two black eyes…and I’m sure you were the prettiest raccoon your family has ever seen.
    My husband and son have had this flu so I know how sick you most likely were. Nothing puts my husband to bed, but this flu sure did. I’m so glad that you have taken good care of yourself and felt it important to take it easy until you were completely well. I admit, I did have to laugh at the thought of you applying layers of makeup to cover them up. I had a black eye once and it’s no fun, especially having to explain how you got it over and over :)))
    Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking my dear friend! I’m gong back through for another look after I post this comment, because I just love peeking into your beautiful life. The things you choose for your shop are always amazing!
    Please continue to get well dear Lidy!

    sending love…

  17. Ellen Shook

    Oh my! Falls are serious business as we “mature” — I feel your pain. I am so glad you over your flu. It is epidemic here in Alabama, and I have been a virtual hermit myself because I had the OTHER yucky bug that has been making it’s way around the country. I, too, and on the mend, but not completely, which is why I saved all your soup recipes. I am so happy to find that link to your food blogger friend’s site, and I subscribed. Soups are a way of life for us at our house, too, and I cannot wait to try these.

  18. Jean Van

    Hello Lidy,
    Just saw your note as I have been under the weather to, good now and sooooooooooo sorry to hear about you and sooooooo glad you are on the mend and taking care of yourself you come first, keep warm and we all miss you but you are right SOUP is the best in the cold winter months. Looking forward to your lovely photo’s and notes. Hug’sssssssssss~~~~~~~~Jean~~~~~~~~~~

  19. Lidy — So very glad you are better!
    Thank you for a wonderfully written piece —I can hardly wait to make these delicious soups. Thank you, also, for the wonderful recipes and ideas!
    Janet in San Antonio

  20. Thank you so much, Janet! I know your family had this nasty bug too. Let’s vote for a fresh, only-healthy Spring!

  21. Julie Watson

    Wow Lidy! I don’t know how you rose to the occasion to host Christmas dinner with all you were going through at the time. What a blessing your dear hubby was there to help you after you fainted. There is never a convenient time to be under the weather, but Christmas is espeially tough! Sometimes it is such a luxury to stay home and have a bit of quiet time to regain your strength.
    So happy that you are starting to feel up to taking on your busy schedule of activities again. Welcome back.
    We never know what is around the corner, so you are wise to take care of yourself and build up your defenses.
    Your soup recipes look delicious. Just this week I dug our Thanksgiving turkey carcass out of the freezer to make wonderful bone broth and turkey vegetable soup. Such comfort!

  22. Julie, I wouldn’t miss having my Christmas dinner surrounded by everyone I love for anything! My kids offered to order dinner ( and even pay for it!) but the menu was so foolproof ( thank you, Ina Garten!) that it was so easy.

    I agree, it actually WAS a luxury to have some down time – I got to read quite a few fun mystery books and took naps.
    xo. Lidy

  23. Lidy, we think you are beautiful even with 2 black “racoon eyes”! So glad you are feeling better! And thank you so much for sharing my Tomato Soup recipe with your readers, there is something about soup… isn’t it always comforting? Let’s make 2018 our healthiest year ever…. XO

  24. Mary Emanuelson

    Thank you for the soup recipes, nothing tastes better when you’re laid low by colds/viruses. Please don’t rush the recovery, take all the time you need and then some more!

  25. My heart is aching knowing that you were sick and then physically hurt! It really is a wake up call when we put ourselves last. I’ve been there. Your bashed up head really tells a story of how ill you were. I think your post may make others sit up and take notice! I’m praying you are much, much better now, Lidy. Somehow things have a way of working out, and it sounds like your holiday did! The pics are lovely.

    I eat soup very often. I like to experiment making them for our supper, but I’m not a snob of some of the canned versions for lunch or a late night craving. As long as they are low in sodium, and without crazy added ingredients, I’m happy. I’m off to check out some of these yummy ones in your post.

    Keep healing, my sweet friend. You were missed, and it’s so great to have you back!!

    Jane xxxxx

  26. Oh my gosh Lidy, wow! So sorry to hear this and how scary that must have been. I’ve only fainted once and I found it so creepy – and I didn’t have black eyes on top of the fear! Glad to hear you’re finally better. This flu is a doozy isn’t it? I’ve known several people who were sick for 4 or more weeks!

    Glad you’re back and can’t wait to share in the Valentine’s table hop with you this week:)


  27. Gloria

    I’m so glad to hear you are much better. The flu is one of those illnesses you think you are never going to get better. You are so lucky you did not injure yourself worst then you did with the fall. I prayer for your complete recovery. We miss your blog. We did have some beautiful moments here in raleigh with the snow. It was breathtaking . I wish you well .

  28. Bobbi Duncan

    Lidy, you were missed, but the important thing is not to get even more run down posting while you’re ill. So many have been really sick with the weird viruses going around this year…keeping our fingers crossed that we don’t come down with it. The soup tureens are lovely!

  29. Sue Malizia

    Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about your illness and fall…happy you are on the mend. I’m impressed you felt up to even doing this post and glad to hear you are getting better. Stay healthy in 2018. Looking forward to your next weeks post about Valentine tabletop ideas (only if you are up to it). =)

  30. I am so happy that you are feeling better. You certainly had a rough patch there with the flu and your fall. So glad that the Fall wasn’t worse. As always in awe of your gorgeous antiques that you style so elegantly. Missed you too!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Shirley. I’m glad the fall wasn’t worse either. Who knew? I haven’t been sick for over 5 years…ha! This one was a doozie, that’s for sure. But I’m going strong again now.

  31. Oh my goodness! I’m so glad ur husband was home to help you. There have been terrible falls as of late in my family. Very bad ones and these two were alone when it happened. My aunt fainted resulting in a broken arm in 2 places. Black eyes. Loosen teeth. Gashes. When she woke, she could barely climb back in bed. And she was in shock. She didn’t call anyone!!! Her daughter checked on her later in the day after no word from her in hours. If u live alone, nvest in a emergency button that will no notice a rapid change in position like a fall and notify 911 and or family membu ers.
    My mother was alone when she fell outside onto concrete literally smashing her face. A neighbor going to work saw her on the ground. Called 911, then ER, next careflighted to a trauma hospital in the largest city in the sate. Admitted to SICU where she has been for a week. My mother never wanted to be intubated at her age. No heroic measures for her. If u r of the same mind, make sure ur living will is on file and close to your person or family member. Better yet listen to ur health providers and ur family especially if u r of the older generation and living alone with no family close by. Don’t try to do too much too soon. Never put ur independence above your safety. That is the quickest way to lose it.

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