Delight in the Rose Season

The rose season is finally here! Be inspired with beautiful rosy antiques to create a charming summer home. Delight in the Rose Season with us.

The rose is the queen of all flowers, and is so romantic – elegant and graceful. Not just a pretty face in your garden in the summer, roses are the perfect motif for adding a touch of summer to your home.


delight in the rose season


We’re huge fans of roses, and always fall in love with different ones, both real, and when they are featured on antiques!

These antique porcelain pieces are transformed with delicate roses, and they bloom all year long.  From delicate tea cups touched with gilt, to plates almost too gorgeous to eat from to hat pin holders, the delicate roses painted on these beauties will make your heart sing each time you see them.

Delight in the Rose Season


delight in the rose season



delight in the rose season


delight in the rose season


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Hand painted antique tole brings French Country charm to your interior. And then, they have the most beautifully painted r o s e s .  Each one is a work of art, hand painted with the greatest skill by an artist long ago. It’s no wonder we consider them “art” today – their painted roses elevates them way above a mere “serving” tray, doesn’t it?

delight in the rose season
rose tole tray
French antique tole

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Antique French Tole >

Antique paintings of roses are a constant favorite, beloved by us, and by our many clients who collect antique rose paintings. Like adding a beautiful floral bouquet to a room, with no need to refresh the water. We never have many “in stock” as these tend to sell quickly, especially the ones in their original gilded frames.


rose painting

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Setting a table with roses might prove to be a bit tricky {those thorns!} but laying a table with antique linens with roses? Now that sounds delightful, doesn’t it? The embroidered tablecloths with roses are always a hit, we’ve sold lots of them lately for gifts to new brides and their grooms. I love the idea that these antique linens carefully stitched by hand over 100 years ago are now going to be part of a new, young family’s memories, don’t you?


antique rose linen


One of my very favorite antique linens, hand towels with embroidered roses, these are so special. I hang mine over the terry cloth towels in our guest bath. {No one actually ever dries their hands on them, it’s as if they know these are for “show” only! }


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No matter how you display your love of roses, in your garden and/or inside your home, let’s delight in the rose season together! While we are on a buying trip, we’re gather more antique linens, more porcelains and silver, more French Country decorative accents for the shop. And…if we’re lucky….some of them will be covered in ROSES.

What color or type of rose is your very favorite?




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3 thoughts on “Delight in the Rose Season”

  1. Alice Genzlinger

    My love of roses has me watching the David Austin ones in the garden. I think his are the most fragrant. To cut one or several and bring them inside to place in a bud vase by my bed at night is a prerequisite for a dreamy sleep. They only bloom once a year and so makes them special.

  2. Oh Alice, I wish we had David Austin’s in our garden! They are such beautiful beautiful roses aren’t they!?

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