How to Make Your Flowers Last

Welcome to Monday Morning Blooms! Today we’re all creating flower beauty in a watering can. Flower care and vase/container care go hand-in-hand to keep your beautiful flowers last longer. Cleaning a vase or container is especially important when you are using an untraditional container, such as we all are this week. Keep your flowers lively and more lush with these tricks on How to Make Your Flowers Last. { & Clean Vases and/or containers.}


How to Make Your Flowers Last


At the bottom of this post, I’ll share my best tips on How to Make Your Flowers Last & Clean Vases.  And that is also where you will find my talented friend’s links to their flower inspiration in a watering can.


Monday Morning Blooms


A watering can arrangement is perfect for this time of year, and it couldn’t be easier to do!


Watering Can arrangement

pink roses in a watering can


Before my tips, I wanted to share our garden with you. After re-doing it a few years ago, it’s coming along so nicely! It is somewhat less labor intensive {especially for me, since Mr. FGH does all the work!} but still has pockets of flowers and I love nothing more than to be out there.


I wish there was sound so that you could hear the birds singing and the fountain’s water bubbling. And that you could smell that star jasmine, it smells so sweet at this time of year. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how this little area of the garden turned out.


french country garden with fountain

french living garden


Today I set my little garden table in front of the Eden rose, she is throwing out her most spectacular blooms this year! She’s more or less a one time bloomer, but she puts on quite a show. It’s the best place to sit and look at gardening books, plan a little, and dream of new plants to try in the May sun.


How to Make Your Flowers Last

How to Make Your Flowers Last


I layered my table with this gorgeous rose blanket woven in Flanders. The colors are so pretty, and the center is covered with beautiful roses.  A light snack of strawberries served on vintage ironstone plates to eat with antique small English forksis a simple luxury to enjoy at this time of year. I wish I could say they were grown here, but you may remember that our Bentley eats every single strawberry we’ve ever managed to grow before we even see them. {naughty dog!}


How to Make Your Flowers Last

vintage gardening books

french antique watering cans


There is so much to be thankful for, at this time of year I am so thankful for the beautiful outdoors.  I find it’s the small things in life that I really cherish, small things that feel like big luxuries.  A perfectly beautiful rose in a small vase, eating a strawberry that is ripe and sweet because it’s in season, the soft flickering candle light at dusk, eating outdoors with family or friends.


French gardening antiques

How to Make Your Flowers Last

antique watering can

Rose Blanket >
Garden Antiques >


When you are creating a flower arrangement in a watering can, the most important thing is to clean your watering can well before putting the flowers in. Dirt and grime will cause bacteria to grow, and cut flowers don’t like that, it will zap their beauty and shorten the arrangements life.


How to Make Your Flowers Last




Don’t Use Soap.

Fresh flowers are pretty sensitive, because their stems take in water and any chemicals or other substances in it. Be extra careful in washing your vases for flowers.
To clean our vases here at FrenchGardenHouse, I wipe the inside of the vase first to remove most of the sticky grime left from the previous arrangement. Adding warm water with a little splash of vinegar will help clean your vase. Sometimes if a vase is really dirty, I make a paste of vinegar and bon ami and gently rub this on the dirty part, which is most often in a line where the water stopped.


Florist Secret Tip:


My florist friend Carla uses warm water and two tablets of alka-seltzer if a vase is really dirty. She lets it sit for at least 4 hours, then rinses with fairly hot water and wipes dry.


roses quote




Water Is Key.


Right after you get home, get them into water as soon as possible. If buying flowers and I will not be home for a while, or the flowers are especially delicate, I put a big plastic bucket in my car filled halfway with water and submerge the flowers before I even leave the parking lot! {remember not to drive wildly around corners! : ) }

Once you have arranged your flowers, try to refresh or change their water every other day, this adds much to the long life of your bouquets.


Prepare Your Blooms.


Be sure to remove all the leaves that will be submerged in your vase. And cut each stem at an angle, then immediately submerge in water in the vase.


Feed Them.


Use that little packet of flower food that comes with most fresh flowers! It’s a mix of sugar and acid that will keep the PH level stable, and some bleach to curb bacterial growth. No packet? You can add one or two drops of bleach and one teaspoon of sugar to the water – stir – this will keep the water clear too.


Arrange and Place.


One of the best ways to make sure your bouquet does well is to make sure there is enough space for them. Most of my flower arrangements are tightly packed on the flower part, but not so much where the stems are. I tend to use vases that are low and wide, which gives me enough room in the bottom for all the stems to have some space. You don’t want to shove a bouquet in a skinny vase, this will make the flowers die way sooner than they should.

lilies and roses in watering can

antique small watering can


Obviously my arrangement is in the garden, in full sun. But I’ll move it onto the shaded back patio table once we’re done with our visit here.  Once you have made a stunning bouquet with your lovelies, place your vase in a part of your home that is not in direct sunlight.



Did you know that placing flowers right near your fruit bowl is also not a good idea? Fruit releases ethylene gas and this makes your flowers wilt.

Secret Monday Morning Blooms Tip:

I learned this tip from our mutual friend Mary, it’s a spray called Floralife Clear Crowning Glory Solution – it’s a game changer when it comes to prolonging the life of your floral arrangements! Crowning Glory is an anti-transpirant that comes as a ready-to-use spray, sealing in moisture on flowers.


How to Make Your Flowers Last


Thank you so much for your visit today! It’s always so fun to get together with you. Please leave me a comment so I know you came…and let’s get together again soon!

Our dear friend Shirley is closing her blog. She needs to concentrate on spending some time with her almost 97 years young Mom, and needs lots more free time to travel to be with her, and to care for her. We will all miss her terribly! But Mary, Pam and I will continue to do a monthly Monday Morning Blooms together, and plan to have some fun guest bloomers along the way!

We’re away on a trip this week, but will be back with lots of new treasures for the shop, and hopefully lots of wonderful memories.


Make your cut flowers last


Please visit my dear friends by clicking their link below:

pink roses
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Pink flowers on porch
Shirley at Housepitality Designs

pink roses in a watering can
and me, Lidy at FrenchGardenHouse


What is your favorite “unusual” flower container that you love using for your floral creations?




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13 thoughts on “How to Make Your Flowers Last”

  1. June pope

    Really enjoyed your post ! I love flowers and gardening. But am not able to do what I used to do but do try. I used to live in PennsylvaniaE Now I’m in Florida, and I have a pergola where I planted jasmine which is blooming now with its wonderful aroma, and I planted gardenias. Thank you for your posts, please keep up this good works because You are very inspirational. Praise the Lord!

  2. Did you travel to Provence to do your photoshoot? Your backyard is truly a garden inspired by the great gardens in France…i can hear the French music now as I gaze upon your beautiful table and most casually elegant flower arrangement. Such great tips Lidy….I have always washed my vases/containers with hot water and soap…oops..I am sad to have to leave the world of blogging…it has truly been one of the highlights of my life…but it’s time…however, I know, i shall retain my most wonderful friendships with my blogging friends. You all have been a real treasure..I wish you a most wonderful day and have a most fabulous time with your family!!!!

  3. Leigh Bickings

    Hi Lidy: I too would rather have roses on my table than diamonds around my neck, your garden is beautiful!!!

  4. Lidy, how delightful to visit your lovely garden! The exquisite Eden Rose is a beautiful background to your garden table. The rose blanket is a gorgeous foundation for the watering can filled with pretty blooms. Strawberries are one of my favorites and these look delicious. I am now craving fresh strawberries. The tips you have included are excellent and most helpful to prolong the life of an arrangement.

    It is always a treat to join you for Monday Morning Blooms. Wishing you a lovely day, Lidy

  5. Swoon Lidy…your Eden rose is a stunner! What a gorgeous specimen and focal point in your garden! Your watering can arrangement is beautiful on your table with your caddy of vintage garden tools and pots. I love your copper (Haws?) watering can too. Thank you for the alka-seltzer tip! I usually fill my cans with a weak bleach and water solution and allow them to sit 30 minutes before rinsing and filling with flowers. Isn’t Crowning Glory a game changer? I can’t get over how it prolongs the life of flowers. As always it’s a treat to share blooms with you. I hope you have a wonderful trip and find lots of new treasures. <3

  6. franki parde

    Absolutely “nothing” is off limits for flower arrangements!! Watch your trash, ladies, I see treasures…franki

  7. Lidy, your garden is a perfect reflection of your European background. I love the fullness of the blooms, and can imagine the sweet fragrances. Your choice watering can for the arrangement is a favorite shape I collected prior to our downsize. Lucky for me, I kept one and it is once again happily employed in my service.
    I’m so glad you gals will continue MMB series. I have always enjoyed each one of your styles and posts. I will sorely miss Shirley, particularly since I am not on IG, but I certainly appreciate her decision.
    Thank you for the European inspiration. Safe travels and successful hunt!

  8. Donna Milazzo

    Your ‘new’ garden look beautiful Lidy! Those Eden roses are popular for a reason, and I think it was a particularly good year for them this year! Thank you for all the inspiration!

  9. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

    Lidy, your arrangement is absolutely stunning! The pink Stargazer Lillies look so pretty! Your garden and entire setting is beautiful. Those roses are a showstopper! I have so enjoyed my visit today. Have a most wonderful week, sweet friend!

  10. Your watering can full of garden blooms is just beautiful Lidy, and your garden haven is a little slice of paradise! Thank you for all the wonderful tips, I love the alka seltzer one! I do have Mary’s Crowning Glory flower preservative spray, that stuff is magic! I know Shirley will be very missed, but I’m so glad you, Pam and Mary are going to continue to share your magic with us~

  11. Lidy, your garden is lovely. Those roses are show stoppers! I love the beautiful blanket you used as a tablecloth and your photos are gorgeous.
    Your arrangement is stunning and what great tips. Pinning.
    Have a lovely day and week ahead.

  12. Lidy, What a treat to be in your garden. I don’t know the Eden Rose, but will look for it. We are in the process of creating a small new garden space. Thanks for the tips for cleaning a vase. I’m going to get some alka-seltzer to keep on hand. I will also use the vinegar tip.
    Your gorgeous textile caught my eye immediately, and I’m swooning over the English forks with the carved handles. Every detail delights.
    I’m sad that Shirley will close her blog, but know that spending time with her precious mother is the best decision. How fortunate to have her mom! I’m thrilled she will continue to post on her IG account. She has such beautiful posts..

  13. What a delightful and informational post! Thank you! Your setting is absolutely beautiful, your roses are breathtaking!

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