Collecting Garden Antiques

Who doesn’t love spring? Whether you have a grand estate, or just a few pots on a balcony, all of us glory in the thrill of watching beautiful blossoms unfurl their petals and bring their color, fragrance and beauty to our world.  Right along with our love of gardens and plants, collecting garden antiques can add to the joy during this beautiful warm season.



Collectors snap up antique watering cans, seed carriers, French seedling pots, tools, gardening totes and everything related to the garden.


Today I’m sharing some of our newly arrived and favorite garden antiques at FrenchGardenHouse.


Collecting Garden Antiques


Large scale garden antiques, such as these antique French zinc flame finials can transform your garden. They will help a new garden look established, and add a welcoming atmosphere. They are getting quite rare to find, this pair is such a great size! Not just for outdoors, they look amazing inside as sculptural works of art.


collecting gardening antiques



The small garden antiques, gardening books, watering cans, garden tools, and floral prints are much more readily available and affordable. Used as much inside the home as well as in potting sheds and gardens for instant charm., these smaller garden antiques are avidly collected today.



While this looks like a watering can {most collectors, if they actually use it, use it for watering plants} this is an antique hot water can meant for domestic use from the mid 1800’s. This is the best one we’ve ever found, with all it’s original paint!


Collecting Garden Antiques



A small collection of antique and vintage brass hose nozzles artfully arranged on an ironstone platter makes a great conversation starter!  Each one has it’s own personality.


Collecting Garden Antiques

Collecting Garden Antiques

Collecting Garden Antiques


Antique cast iron French vases and jardinieres {planters}  are always in style.  They tend to sell just as quickly as we can get them, they have decades old patina that brings a touch of magic to the garden or indoors.


Collecting Garden Antiques


antique French enameled vase


Some are very “worn and rustic” some are not. Each one is a testimony to human kind’s love of flowers.


Collecting Garden Antiques


Collecting Garden Antiques


The larger ones make quite a statement! With or without flowers or plants.

antique garden urn French


collecting french garden antiques

Sculptural pieces like this art deco French metal vase are a wonderful addition to your home decor. It has aged to the perfect patina grey tones we love.


art deco cast iron vase



Baskets and wood or metal totes for picking flowers or carrying your vegetable harvest back to the kitchen are some of our most avidly desired garden antiques.



{Their secret is that they work so well for a multitude of other things once gardening season is over!}


antique garden basket


metal french harvesting basket


french wire basket

antique wire basket with orangesAntique Watering Cans & Metalware are always prized by gardeners, as well as decorators! A well made can with a sturdy handle is indispensable.


Antique watering cans are beautiful to look at, and just as useful as the day they were made. A display of antique watering cans in many different shapes and colors brightens up any corner of the garden, or adds instant history to a sunroom or potting shed.


antiqee watering can


French watering cans tend to have graceful handles arching from the top of the can to the back. English style watering cans usually have two handles, one for carrying and another for pouring. True antique watering cans command high prices, prices are based on condition and rarity.


Antique zinc or metal buckets are a fun addition to any garden, or as I use mine, to hold flowers in the kitchen.  Made to last, they hold just about anything.



Collecting Garden Antiques


The antique body pitchers from France are highly collectible as a delightful way to water your plants, as well. Colorful, they come in an array of colors, even the ones that no longer hold water are desirable. Savvy collectors use these with a glass insert to hold bouquets of their garden roses, or simply display them on a bench for their sculptural good looks.


black enamel body pitcher


Last, but not least, antique flower prints can add a touch of the garden indoors. You can frame them, or just display “as is”….either way, they are a delight for the senses!


hydrangeas and green majolica plates

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  1. Lynn A.

    I love the Victoria magazine, the beautiful flowers & quotes! I’m following French Garden House & Victoria magazine on Instagram. The Art of Flowers book looks delightful! Thank you for bringing out the beauty of flowers & everyday treasures!

  2. What a beautiful backdrop for your antiques! Your garden is the perfect place to stage. Also, the knowledge you share about these pieces is so fun to read, especially the watering can used to bring in hot water. Can you imagine? Great post!

  3. Thank you Marta…it’s what I love about antiques – there is always something unexpected to learn!

  4. Such a fascinating post! Thanks to you, I discovered my brass watering can is actually a servant’s hot water can and much older than I realized.

  5. Sharon Crigger-Stokan

    I love all things garden related and also French Garden House related so I really enjoyed this! :). I have an antique brass hose nozzle from my parents that I treasure and it works like a charm! Thanks for a lovely posting, Lidy!

  6. Denise Carlson

    Can you ever get enough garden inspiration? The nozzles are so cool, don’t make em like this anymore, now everything is plastic-yuck! Every spring I love cleaning up winters mess and putting out my garden collection just makes spring/summer so much more enjoyable!

  7. Brigitte Brackett

    HELLO from the great State of Maine,
    I have been buying and collecting Victoria Magazine from the very beginning, have not missed many issues. Also of course I have several books. Just want to tell you it is a delight for me to see and enjoy the magazines which I truly treasure.


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