Victoria : The Art of Flowers Give Away

Happy Monday!  I am so excited about today.  It’s a special Monday Morning Blooms edition, with an amazing GIVE AWAY for four of our MMB readers.


In celebration of spring flowers, Victoria|Hoffman Media is collaborating with us to give away four copies of this glorious book to our lucky readers! {so that’s four chances to win this book through Monday Morning Blooms!}


The Art of Flowers


The art of Flowers


I took some shots in the garden this past weekend to show you some {just a tiny peek!} of the glorious pages.  Now that spring is here – at least for most of us! – it’s just the kind of inspirational book you will adore.


french garden


If it’s still snowing where you are, you are even MORE in need of a book like this. Trust me, it will do your soul good.


The Art of Flowers


From the book:

Long before the first blossoms come into view, a symphony of fragrances stirs the air in a redolent greeting. An arched trellis, scarcely visible beneath an outpouring of roses, opens to a path lined with lacy hydrangeas, cape jasmine, and sweet oleander.


The anticipation of what lies ahead is almost as heady as the aroma of the blooms themselves, and then the full garden emerges in a scene so magnificent it takes one’s breath away.


The Art of Flowers


Exquisitely photographed with page after page of floral pageantry. This is such a treat for all of us flower lovers!


It begins with a celebration of the romantic charms of beloved blossoms. Scattered among gorgeous images, there are helpful guidelines for growing and displaying such favorites as roses, tulips, and peonies.


The Art of Flowers


Some of you may recognize our blogging friend Canadian gardener Carolyn Aiken, whose gardens have inspired me from the very first time I read her blog, eons ago.



The Art of Flowers


You’ll also meet Erin Benzakein. She is the owner of Floret Flower Farm in Washington. Her family run flower farm and seed company specializes in unique, heirloom and uncommon flowers. {She’s recognized as the leading farmer-florist in the USA!}


The Art of Flowers


Naturally there is a section brimming with ideas for creating glorious arrangements.  Teresa H. Sabankaya, a pioneer of the slow flower movement, conveys the sweetest of sentiments through the language of floriography. {I linked to her Meaning of Flowers site HERE >}



Posies in antique blue opaline


blue hydrangeas


The floral arrangements in this part of the book? Astoundingly beautiful! We’ll all get inspiration to create our own versions of these beauties to adorn our own tables, bedrooms and entrances for years to come. So so beautiful!


The Art of Flowers


Victoria: The Art of Flowers, the latest hardcover book from the editors of Victoria magazine, invites readers to savor quiet moments amid nature’s most cherished gifts.


The Art of Flowers



ENTER THE GIVE AWAY BELOW. Can’t wait to get your own copy? Order HERE >   Honestly, get a few of these, this is the perfect Mother’s Day Gift for your Mom, mother-in-love, sister, friend, daughters and fellow gardening lovers.


Victoria : The Art of Flowers Give Away


To enter the giveaway and for a chance to win a copy of The Art of Flowers:

1) Leave a comment telling me your favorite flower(s).

2) Follow Victoria Magazine on Instagram or Facebook and leave a comment letting me know.

3) Follow me on Instagram and let me know by comment.

This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S.A through midnight April 26th.



*For more chances to win a copy of The Art of Flowers visit my flower friends below to enter:


PAM at Everyday Living

SHIRLEY at Housepitality Designs

MARY at HomeIsWhereTheBoatIs

The art of Flowers

and me, LIDY at FrenchGardenHouse





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58 thoughts on “Victoria : The Art of Flowers Give Away”

  1. Good Morning Lidy! I love your garden setting and how you showcased the book. And I’m swooning over those beautiful stately spires of foxgloves in the background along with your vintage garden goodies. My watering can loving heart picked up a few beats seeing that gorgeous patina on your copper can. Thanks so much for your organizing efforts for the giveaway. This book is filled with ‘floral pageantry’ and would be a most adored addition to any flower enthusiast’s library. Happy Monday <3

  2. Lidy, wishing you a very happy Monday on this special Monday Morning Blooms celebrating this exquisite book and I can say you can hear the Angels Sing when turning the pages of The Art of Flowers. Flowers, truly an art of Mother Nature and by the hands of talented floral designers and gardeners and people like us who are passionate about them and this book truly satisfies everyone who loves “the art of flowers”….Your gardens are gorgeous and what a beautiful background for showcasing the book. Victoria truly did a magnificent, “hit is out of the park” job in creating this book! I wish you a most beautiful day!!

  3. Lidy, your garden – what I could see – is a feast for the eyes, heart and soul!! The foxgloves are stately, indeed. My favorite flower is the gardenia, both for the fragrance and those creamy petals that look good enough to eat!
    Please do a post on your garden alone!

  4. Pictures of beautiful Flowers on a Monday morning- best way to start my week. My favorite is the simple white daisy. It reminds me of simple, happy times.

  5. Barbara Zuleski

    Marvelously displayed in your inspirational garden, pure magic, Lupine, edelweiss, casa Blanca lilies, to name just a few

  6. What a beautiful book!! I have loved lilacs since childhood.

  7. I would love to have this book. My favorite flowers are hydrangea. I already follow you and Victoria magazine

  8. Diane Donaldson

    Beautiful photographs and the setting in the gardens only enhanced the beauty of the flowers. My favorite flowers are hydrangeas, peonies, roses and iris.

  9. Jan Carden

    This book looks beautiful! My favorite flower is a peony.
    I follow you and Victoria magazine in IG.

  10. Good morning, Lidy! What a beautiful post! I’m so excited to get a peek into your garden. Your Foxglove look amazing.This beautiful book looks like another from Victoria to add to a collection. Their publications never disappoint! Thank you for the give away….my favorite? It has to be any David Austin rose.

  11. Lidy, Your vignette is so charming showcasing the lovely book from Victoria. I adore your foxgloves in your garden and would love to be sitting there chatting with you. Such a feast for the eyes this morning.
    Wishing you a lovely week ahead.

  12. Oh Lidy, what an incredible book, a flower lover’s dream! I have been pouring over all the beautiful photographs both in the book and on the Monday Morning Blooms blogs! Your photos styled in your blooming garden are works of art and my paint brush is calling me! I am following you and Victoria on Instagram, and as for my favorite flower, I couldn’t possibly choose only one, I love them all! Currently my passion is tulips ? Thank you for sharing this amazing book!

  13. Carolyn

    What a beautiful book! I love hydrangeas. I follow you and Victoria.

  14. Terri Santa Coloma

    My favorite flower is Louisiana Iris. Following on Instagram.

  15. Linda Kendall

    Good Morning Lidy,

    My favorite flower is the rose, specifically Double Delight.
    All roses remind me of my mother.

  16. So beautiful, Lidy! Victoria is my favorite magazine and my absolute favorite flowers are tulips and hydrangea! Happy Monday!

  17. Good morning, Lidy. Your garden is exquisite. Your garden fairies have been working overtime. I love all garden flowers, but my favorite is the “Queen of the Garden” ~ The peony. And, I will be enjoying them soon.

    Wishing you a lovely day and week ahead.

  18. Marilyn

    My favorite flower is the larkspur (any color!).
    I have followed Victoria Magazine on Instagram and left a comment.
    I have continued to follow you, Lidy, on Instagram too & left a comment!

  19. Rosalie

    Thank you for the opportunity to win such a lovely book filled with gorgeous photos. There are so many, many flowers that I simply adore, but I will admit, my favorites are roses and lavender. I grow both in abundance in my garden so I am surrounded by wonderful fragrance and color throughout the blooming season. Dried roses and lavender can be used to make lovely gifts for friends. I like to cover Styrofoam topiary forms with dried roses and lavender flowers. They hold up quite well and make wonderful centerpieces for the dining table as well.

  20. Donna Milazzo

    Oohh, what a pretty book! My favorite flowers are roses and hydrangeas! I am following Victoria magazine in IG now, I already follow you! I started several things in my new garden this year using Floret seeds, and I also spotted Kelly’s floral arranging book in one of your photos – I have that book too! Hope that your new garden will bloom beautifully this spring!

  21. Cynthia

    My favorite flower is jasmine, or as we say in Hawaii, pikake. It is the symbol of romance and love and 50 years ago, it was strung into leis and part of my wedding bouquet. It has such a wonderful fragrance and evokes memories of a beautiful and happy day in my life.

  22. Ruthie Miller

    Beautiful photos and a generous and exciting give away. Thank you. Favorite flowers are freesia, roses, hydrangea and peonies. I will follow you on Instagram and I already follow the other gals and Victoria. Thank you, Lidy.

  23. Lidy, the foxgloves are stunning and your styling of the gorgeous book is beautiful. I am so enjoying The Art of Flowers. Every page is just fabulous, Victoria is a long-time friend as I have subscribed for years! It is always a special day to spend time with my Monday Morning Blooms friends. Wishing you a lovely week!

  24. Sue M.

    Such a beautiful book full of photos of my favorite subject…flowers! Too many to choose from but roses, dahlias, snapdragons, pansies, corabells are my top favorites.

  25. Veronica Miller

    I have had a subscription to Victoria Magazine and have for years. It is one of my favorite magazines. I keep all my issues as the photographs are works of art.
    I just started following you blog a few months ago and I am addicted! We have the same taste in gardening and decorating.
    I would so love to have this book as I am starting a cottage garden on part of my property. This book would be so helpful and would add to my library!
    Keep up the wonderful blogs!!!

  26. mary gottlieb

    Oh my dear, you certainly know how to showcase… what a lovely
    bevy of blossoms grace your tribute to Victoria…. Just love the idea
    of place cards relating the language of the flowers in each bouquet.
    Flower ladies are so creative and talented.

  27. Good morning Lidy! Your styling is gorgeous, ( as always) and I did not know the background of Carolyn Aiken even tho I have followed her blog for YEARS! oh my what at lovely circle of gardening friends we all have.

  28. Lidy,
    I’m jealous, nothing is blooming in my area yet! I love Hydrangea’s the Annabelle do best here in the Texas Panhandle. They make beautiful lime green wreaths when they are finished. I plan on planting a bridal veil Spirea this year, they bring back such good memories of my grandmothers house, my sisters and I used to play with our Barbie dolls under them in the summers while visiting.

  29. Lidy,
    I forgot to mention I follow Victoria magazine on Instagram French Garden House on Instagram.

  30. I’ve always had a hard time picking a favorite flower because I love them all so much. I especially love old fashioned Spring varieties such as columbines, violas, lily of the valley, peonies and snowdrops. But then Summer comes with roses, sunflowers and dahlias. Who can choose? I raise lots of flowers and would love this gorgeous book for inspiration and dreaming. Thank you for highlighting its blooming pages!

  31. Jethelyn Gregory

    I love lavender. I have tried several varieties. Some live through the winter and others don’t. There doesn’t seem to be a variety that makes a difference maybe location.

  32. I love all flowers but my favorite has to be hydrangeas! Any and all of them! Love your posts.

  33. Allison Herron

    Oh my, my heart skipped a beat looking at that book! My favorite flower is probably a rose…or maybe a peony or lavender. Then when one puts them all together, one can’t breath!? I am in a new house and struggling to come with a plan for the garden. Southern California isn’t the French countryside! Though I have very much enjoyed the flowers in bloom now. Smiles, Allison

  34. My favorite flowers are hydrangea, peonies, roses, ranunculus, gardenias, foxglove, delphinium, and wisteria. It’s a good thing you didn’t have us pick just one flower. I love how you displayed the book in the different pictures!

  35. Vicki Duggins

    Your posts are delightful!! My forever favorite flower is peony and new favorite is ranunculus!

  36. Alice Genzlinger

    Got a glimpse of the foxgloves in your garden. Am anxious to see more of the new garden you planted last year. I don’t wish to enter to be chosen for the Victoria book not because I wouldn’t enjoy being chosen but because my daughter gave me a gift card to Barnes and Nobles and that book is what I chose. And also I’m excited to see your piece featured in the Victoria issue on sale May 25th on decorating with treasured fines.

  37. Alice Genzlinger

    Got a glimpse of the foxgloves in your garden. Am anxious to see more of the new garden you planted last year. I don’t wish to enter to be chosen for the Victoria book not because I wouldn’t enjoy being chosen but because my daughter gave me a gift card to Barnes and Nobles and that book is what I would chose. And also I’m excited to see your piece featured in the Victoria issue on sale May 25th on decorating with treasured fines.

  38. I love flowers, the magazine, and the photos! My favorite flowers are white roses!

  39. Lauren S

    You showcased the new Victoria flower book in such pretty ways. I’d love to win the book, My favorite flowers are foxglove and lily of the valley.

  40. Charlotte Griffin

    Your presentation of Victoria Magazine’s new book “The Art fo Flowers is stunning! Lidy your foxgloves are gorgeous as a back drop for this lovely book. I have followed your Blog and Instagram for years and look forward to your Monday Morning Blooms to view your fabulous arrangements and choice of flowers. I enjoy Victoria Magazine’s Instagram and receive their elegant magazine monthly. Thank you for this amazing Giveaway.

  41. Oh, those pictures you showed of the book’s arrangements and gardens! I will have to dream of my garden looking like something in that book, but it will be sweet dreaming. My favorite flowers are spring flowers, like daffodils, and wild violets, and roses . Those I can grow!

  42. Boy ! Did they send this book to the right “flower ladies”. My favorite flower is the iris.
    Thanks for sharing all of the lovely photographs with us.

  43. Carolsue

    My favorite flowers are tulips.
    I follow you both on Instagram

  44. Denise Carlson

    When I logged into this edition of Monday Morning Blooms I was so excited to see this fabulous book as the gift. I was just admiring it over the weekend! My favorite flower is the rose ? my first true flower love followed by many more ?. I do all of the 3 requests prior to this post gladly so fun and pleasurable! So excited, please enter me into the drawing!

  45. Myrna b

    What a beautiful book!! So kind of you to give one away. My favorite flower is zinnias. I have fond memories of my grandmother’s zinnias. She always had a bouquet all summer on her white farm table.

  46. Janet Holland

    What a beautiful book that is sure to bring great joy and inspire all who read it. Hydrangeas, peonies, and lilacs are my favorite flowers. Have a joyful day that includes flowers in your home.

  47. Cathy Garrett

    Hi Lidy,
    This book looks stunning! I know everyone would love and enjoy having one. My favorite flower would be, climbing roses in pink! Have a beautiful spring week!

  48. Lidy — Such a gorgeous book, and presented so beautifully in your garden. I would love to add this book to me collection. A favorite flower is hard to pick — but lately I have become very interested in growing dahlias, perhaps because they offer so much variety in color and shape. I do follow you and Victoria Magazine on Instagram (IG is my big indulgence!). Have a great day!

  49. Rae Grossi

    Hello Lidy:

    I have been following you for a few years now and enjoy everything!
    I would love this book as I usually don’t win a thing! My favorite is the lilac especially the intoxicating fragrance. Growing up, my mom always had a flower garden and the landscaping was beautiful so I appreciate so many flowers. Always brought fresh flowers to my teachers. For the past year, I have been following Victoria Magazine on instagram. For years, I was a reader of the magazine which was delivered via snail mail. Thank you.

  50. I scribe to Victoria .My favorite flower is the Lily Of The Valley.

  51. Sheryl S

    Hi Lidy. I love how you displayed this beautiful book! I would love to add this book to my collection. My favorite flower is so hard to decide – I love them all!! If I had to pick one it would have to be a fully fragrant and large rose!!! ? Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of this lovely new book.

  52. Gloria Pulliam

    My favorite flowers now are dahlia’s. Since my center garden has lost most of my rose bushes to the rose disease we have here, I have changed a garden of thirty rose bushes to a garden of twenty-five dahlia plants of all sorts of colors and styles. Another love is my herb garden. It is wonderful to cut them to use in the next meal I am preparing. Here in Raleigh they are perennial In pots. My peonies are just about ready to bloom.

  53. Lidy, what a wonderful collaboration you landed for the Monday Morning Bloomers and all of us readers! Though I’m not on IG, I do follow you and Victoria on Facebook. my favorite flowers to grow were irises, and I’m so happy to have my transplants thriving in my daughter’s flower beds since our downsize two years ago. Everything from Hoffman Media is just beautiful, and this book will be a treat for some lucky readers.

  54. Darlene

    You show cased this charming book beautifully.
    Favorite flowers are many and mostly whites, pinks,
    And shades of purple gardenias, roses, hydrangeas,
    Stocks, lilacs, wisteria etc.
    Follower of Victoria (long time subscriber of mag.)
    Sorry don’t do Instagram.
    Thank you,

    Love your blog (great info. on embroidered
    On linens.

  55. Sharon Elsberry

    Lidy, Thank you for an amazing giveaway and gorgeous book, I would love to win a copy. It is so hard for me to pick however, hydrangeas are one of my favorites for sure! I’m now following Victoria Magazine on Facebook and always enjoy your posts on FB too! Thank you for sharing your many talents! Enjoy your day!

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