Floral Arrangement in Autumn’s Stunning Color Palette

The colors of autumn’s foliage are so gorgeous that we can’t wait to bring its outside palette indoors.  I’m making a Floral Arrangement in Autumn’s Stunning Color Palette today.




I’m also sharing something about my young friend Emily….this post could also be called Flowers for Emily. {I’ll share about this beautiful young woman and her family at the end of the post.}




Floral Arrangement in Autumn's Stunning Color Palette



Welcome to Monday Morning Blooms. I’m as excited as you are to see what my talented friends Mary, Pam and Shirley have created this week for all of us!  Flower therapy is good for the soul.




Monday Morning Blooms




It’s the perfect time to celebrate the season with a fall-inspired floral arrangement at home.  It’s easy to create your own fall-inspired floral arrangement using rich jeweled colors combined with their more delicate hued companions.





Flowers for Emily




Whether you’re looking to create a stunning centerpiece for your dining table or a show stopping floral arrangement for your French dresser, these blooms will give you inspiration to design your own masterpiece for the celebrations autumn has to offer.







In our FrenchGardenHouse living room, I found just the right spot to display this lush arrangement.  The antique French dresser is my favorite place to create a seasonal display using a few favorite antiques and candles.





French Madonna in French Country Home


antique French Madonna




Fall is the season for dahlias, mums and ripened fruits.  I combined them in this abundant flower harvest – together with beautiful soft pink garden roses, long lasting alstroemeria, berried eucalyptus sprays, lemon leaf and dark blue grape clusters.





Floral Arrangement in Autumn’s Stunning Color Palette




Using an antique French ironstone tureen as the base, taped off with florist tape from our flower arranging kit, I began by inserting greens, then adding the bigger dahlia flowers first.  One super large one {the last of the huge garden dahlias} didn’t really look right front and center, but found a place at the top of the arrangement.




Antique french madonna


Floral Arrangement in Autumn’s Stunning Color Palette




An arrangement like this looks better when it is full. You can add lots of greens and fall branches, too.




I decided to let one wayward eucalyptus branch have it’s way and stand tall above the rest. It won me over by refusing to behave, and I felt bad cutting it short. It adds a little joie de vivre,  I think!








My number one tip for creating your own floral arrangement in autumn’s stunning color palette is to use seasonal flowers and fruits.  Flowers in various autumnal hues blend together beautifully.




Balance these jewel tones with softer variations like I did here, and add some fruit for even more hints of the season.





Floral Arrangement in Autumn’s Stunning Color Palette




I love how this arrangement looks with the antique gilded French paper mache Madonna. She has just arrived here at FrenchGardenHouse.








I also want to introduce you to our family friend Emily today.  Emily’s family consists of her Mom, Molly, and her sisters Megan, Carly and Rebeccah.  We have been family friends since mom Molly was just out of college, she shares a birthday with our eldest daughter, although she is older. Molly is a single Mom doing a fabulous job raising her girls.



emily mannerelli




Just a few years ago, Emily was a joy-filled teen filled with dreams and plans for her future. She loved her school, her church, and being part of the Academy for the Performing Arts. Emily is a brilliant makeup artist and had a promising career ahead of her.  Suddenly Emily was brought to the ER in excruciating pain, and since then has been diagnosed with EDS {you can read more about that on her page.} After leaving the hospital, Em is still, a year and a half later, bed bound, and cared for at home by her mom Molly.






Molly works full-time when she is not caring for Emily throughout the night and morning, but the medical costs have become too much for her to bear alone.  I love this family so much, and am asking all of you to please pray for Emily, and her family.  Molly and Emily are believers and truly appreciate your prayers.  Friends have set up a Go Fund Me page for Emily to help defray the out of pocket costs {which are substantial as you can imagine.}


Molly’s words: “We know so many people are in need and deserving of assistance these days. We humbly ask that you consider helping Emily if you are able. We would also appreciate it every bit as much if you would pray for Emily.” If you feel led, please consider making a donation…together we can make a difference for Em and her family as they battle this and fight for Emily’s life.

Emily’s GoFundMe Page >


Thank you so much for joining me to day for Monday Morning Blooms, and for allowing me the opportunity to introduce you to this family.



I hope you will visit each one of my friends, too.  Their links are below.



fall floral arrangment

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peach roses in mackenzie childs courtly check

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pumpkins for fall

MARY at HomeIsWhereTheBoatIs


Floral Arrangement in Autumn's Stunning Color Palette

and me, LIDY at FrenchGardenHouse






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25 thoughts on “Floral Arrangement in Autumn’s Stunning Color Palette”

  1. Oh how I so love the beautiful colors in your arrangement today Lidy. It truly is a showstopper on that incredible French dresser…and let’s not forget to mention that magnificent Madonna adorning your dresser too. I had mentioned how the ladies of the blooms always makes me smile and we hope the we place on a smile on others and you did just that today Lidy. My thoughts and prayers go out to Emily and her family that is so supportive. You are a great friend to the family Lidy.
    Happy Fall and Happy October!

    1. Thank you so much Shirley, I love those color too, especially at this time of year. This is one of my favorite corners here at FrenchGardenHouse, it’s where I put little seasonal displays… Thank you for your sweet thoughts and prayers, too…Happy Fall and Happy October friend!

  2. Lush is the perfect description of your gorgeous arrangement Lidy! Those pink roses are spectacular and I love them paired with the deeper burgundy shades and grape clusters.

    What a beautiful family and girls. Emily and Molly’s story touched my heart when you first shared it. I can’t imagine being a single mom in these difficult times with the added stress of medical costs and care required. Thank you for sharing her story and a reminder of how thankful we should be for our healthy family members. Prayers for this beautiful family.

    So happy to be joining you for some flower therapy today, it’s the highlight of my week. <3

    1. Mary, it’s always such a joy to join you and our friends for our Monday Morning Blooms. And thank you for the prayers for Molly and Emily. You are right, when we have our health, we have everything! wishing you a beautiful week ahead, dear friend.

  3. Lidy, the autumn arrangement is stunning. Dahlias are my favorite autumn flower with their big and lush blooms and you paired them perfectly with the pink roses. The French Madonna certainly caught my eye immediately, what a gorgeous piece.

    My heart goes out to Emily and Molly. Like Mary, I can’t imagine being a single mom during these difficult times, much less with the stress of huge medical costs. Thank you for sharing their story and I am praying for them. May their needs be met through the generosity of others.

    It is always a pleasure to join you for Monday Morning Blooms, wishing you a joy-filled day!

    1. Thanks so much Pam, I know that they both trust the Lord. Thank you so much for your prayers. As usual, it is alway a joyful blessing to share our special Monday Morning Blooms with you!

  4. Nancy Brantley

    The arrangement is beautiful but the mirror, Madonna and alter sticks really gives that beautiful display breathtaking. Prayers for Emily and Molly.

    1. Thank you so much Nancy…I do love this little area in our home too. And thank you most of all for praying for our friends. xo

  5. Sharon Crigger-Stokan

    A beautiful Monday Morning Blooms post! These are my favorite Mondays every month. The arrangement is so beautiful and I love the combination of the deep hues with the pastels! Your Madonna is absolutely gorgeous, just gorgeous! And I loved how you scattered blooms at her feet, Lidy!

  6. I absolutely love pink and deep reds for Fall Lidy, and your arrangement is simply stunning! The random pear is a reminder that life isn’t perfect and all things need to be embraced. Prayers and Prayers for Emily and her family.

    1. Jenna, thank you so much. That random pear…I almost took the whole photo shoot over because it looked so out of place. But that is what I ended up loving about it!

  7. Denise Carlson

    With tears in my eyes I respond to this post on Monday Morning Blooms! I will include Emily in our daily prayers and hope that better days are ahead. Beautiful arrangement, stunning colors and I love the whole arrangement with the Madonna statue and antique candlesticks -might be inspiration for a Christmas table scape. As always you wowed us with your fabulous style! !
    Thanks, Denise

  8. Sharon Crigger-Stokan

    Lidy, just wanted to add that I visited Emily’s link and read her story. My heart and prayers go out to her and her family – and will continue to! Thank you for sharing her link so we can help!

    1. Thank you so very much Sharon, I so appreciate your prayers for Em.

    1. THanks so much Deana…I love the colors of fall so much too.

  9. Oh, Lidy, this background on your friend’s daughter is truly heart-breaking. I will definitely pray for her, her sisters, and her mom to be able to handle all is thrown their way and to understand the reason(s) why.

    Your fall florals are elegant, regal and beautifully arranged.

  10. Thank you so much, Rita, I know they treasure every prayer. 🙂
    Thank you too, for your visit and sweet comment, Rita. I hope you are enjoying fall over there!
    xo Lidy

    1. Thank you so much Martha. Hope your weekend is beautiful!

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