How To Preserve Your Pumpkins

Fall means pumpkins, doesn’t it? I am in my happy place when pumpkins arrive at our local farm stand, and in the markets too.  I love placing the many different pumpkins we can buy these days in our garden, on the front steps, as well as inside. Do you? Today I’m sharing a super simple tip : How to Preserve Your Pumpkins so they stay fresh longer.


I’m excited to work with Grove Collaborative today. I’m also going to show you how to get a natural products kit for FREE – because I care that you are using products in your beautiful home that don’t have toxic chemicals.


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How to Preserve your pumpkins


how to preserve your pumpkin



I am such a fan of using pumpkins to decorate for fall. I love walking the streets here at home in Southern California, or in Europe {other years!} and seeing how people decorate their front steps and porches with pumpkins.




How To Preserve Your Pumpkins




I just bought a bunch of decorative pumpkins for our FrenchGardenHouse, and thought you might want to know a super simple tip I use to keep our pumpkins fresh  longer.




It’s nothing earth shattering, and it’s so easy.







Most pumpkins {and gourds too} actually start to go soft and bad because of the dirt and mold that they pick up from the fields where they are grown.  Mold spots usually start forming right underneath those dirty spots.




The easy tip for keeping your pumpkins fresh longer, or how to preserve your pumpkins, is TO WASH THEM. I know.  It’s so easy it’s almost embarrassing to mention it let alone write a post on it. But before I knew this, I just didn’t k n o w to do that.








Many people use a bleach mixture, but I use water and Mrs. Meyer’s Soap. I’m highly allergic to cleaning products. It’s why we hired our wonderful cleaning wonder Gina. Gina has been my cleaning miracle helper for many years, she worked for both my Mom and my aunt. When I began FrenchGardenHouse, I still had children at home, and I just couldn’t do everything. So Gina was nice enough to come get our home into shape every two weeks. {she’s basically the boss of me when she’s here! And I love her.}



Last year Gina got really, really sick.  The doctor’s were perplexed, she was literally wasting away, lost too much weight, was always tired, looked so pale, and had trouble breathing. Finally, she herself started a really clean diet, and took all chemicals out of her home. And she got better! Turned out she was highly allergic to bleach and cleaning products too. So we switched to all natural products. Gina asked all her clients to switch. She got better, completely, in two months! No lasting results. And I’m happy to say she waives the dust cloth around here and tries to boss me around every other week again. I am so grateful!






I’ve always loved Mrs. Meyers cleaning products, I’ll be honest, mainly for how they smell. Because I’m so allergic, and because our beloved Gina was almost at death’s door literally, I also trust them to clean our home without toxic chemicals.  A few years ago, I discovered GROVE Co., and now I order all my Mrs. Meyer’s fall scents and other natural and non-chemical products from them, online. They are delivered to our home with the greatest speed and care.



I’m pretty much obsessed with the apple cider scent, and basil is a close second {only because it’s not a fall scent!}  I urge you to give it a try.  If you place your first order with them, they will send you a wonderful gift of some free products to try. {Who doesn’t love that?} I signed up to be a VIP and for 19.99 a year always get free shipping. This is a special offer that you do not want to miss!




Mrs. Meyer's Soap Pumpkin




I used the Mrs. Meyers Pumpkin soap to wash our pumpkins. In the sink, with a soft brush.

How to Preserve Pumpkins & Gourds

    • Prepare a mixture of warm water and Grove dish soap.
      {I use our kitchen sink}
    • Soak pumpkins for 15 – 30 minutes.
    • Use a dish brush to gently scrub off all dirt
    • Rinse, then dry well.



I am not sure how much longer your pumpkins will last, but at least a few weeks longer. It depends on the heat and humidity in your area, and what kind of condition they were in when you bought them.




Our local farmer who owns the little farm-stand where I bought some of the pumpkins actually recommends polishing your pumpkins when they are completely dry with olive oil on a cloth and buffing them up. It brings out their natural color, and preserves them a bit too. Another tip is to spray each pumpkin with matte sealer, but only do this if you won’t want to eat it later.




How To Get A Free Mrs. Meyer’s Fall Kit With Grove Collaborative



Have you tried Grove Collaborative?


They sell my favorite Mrs. Meyer’s products, but also so many other natural products for your home, and for caring for you and your family, too.


I love how these products look in my kitchen!  I always keep a bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap and dish soap next to my kitchen sink. I also keep Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface spray close by and literally use it all over my kitchen, especially these days. It works great on countertops, backsplashes, faucets, cabinet knobs, painted walls, and even my tile floors. I can literally clean my home top to bottom with just one product! {when Gina doesn’t do it!}


When you place your first order of $20 or more, they will send you a healthy home kit. 





I hope you give non-toxic cleaners a try from Grove.  It’s convenient, the prices are very good, and they sell lots of other great natural based products, I recently ordered special wipes for our high chair for our latest little person, and they are wonderful!



Using natural non-toxic cleaning products is one of the best things {besides decorating with antiques } you can do for your beautiful home!






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10 thoughts on “How To Preserve Your Pumpkins”

  1. Thank you for this post. I never thought about cleaning pumpkins and preserving them. I’ve heard so much about Mrs. Meyer’s products. Definitely going to try them now. So happy Gina is feeling well again.

    1. Thank you so much! I am so happy she is too…it really shocked all of us how the bleach and the chemicals can affect our bodies!

  2. Alice Genzlinger

    Thanks for this post Lidy. I’m going right now to clean my pumpkin and polish and buff with olive oil. I haven’t tried Mrs Meyers products but after learning about your sweet Gina becoming sick from the other cleaning products I’m going to look into Mrs Meyers.

    1. I love all the natural cleaning products for many reasons. I had to hire Gina to begin with because I just couldn’t breathe around comet, and bathroom cleaners. But when she got so sick {because she cleans 4 days a week as her job} it really made me realize that all those chemicals are SO bad for us, and our environment!

    1. Thank you Shirley! I agree, natural is best. I have to say that I feel like I’m doing everything I can to have our home be healthy!

  3. I love Mrs. Meyers. I’ve got so much of their soap (dish and otherwise) and cleaning spray my garage looks like a store. But I hadn’t heard this tip before. And I, too, love pumpkins, so I’ll definitely be doing this to mine!

    1. Jeanie, me too! : ) Anything that keeps them longer is great…here in Southern California it can still be quite hot, if the pumpkins catch sun at all, they go quicker. But this seems to have helped quite a bit!

  4. Deborah

    Great tip! I can’t use bleach at all, and have to use non-toxic, unscented soaps because I’m even allergic to synthetic detergents. I usually rely on Dr. Bronner’s soap or Seventh Generation–everything scent-free. Haven’t tried Mrs. Meyer’s although I always see it at Target. I will definitely clean my pumpkins in the future.

    1. Deborah, I use both those here at home too. It’s really what I love about Grove, their pricing is the same as Target, but I don’t have to go there.

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