Need a little infusion of French beauty at home?


Our latest shipment has arrived at FrenchGardenHouse from our buying trips



just in time to celebrate summer!



France at this time of year? A delight for all your senses. 








Ancient turrets dot the landscape,




making you feel like you are in a fairytale.






Charming little cafes have bistro tables and chairs outside,



ready for you  to sit and have a citron presse {lemonade}.





If you can’t travel to France this year,



We’ve shopped the best French dealers for you!





The number 1 French antique you asked us to source for you



for adding to your summer decor –






We found beautiful pieces!






At one brocante, a dealer had just bought an entire collection from a grande maison


and was I excited to buy all of it?



Bien sûr!


That I lucked into a few other pieces at different antique shows and markets?

Just the icing on the cake!









There is still much more, some wonderful antique enameled French biggins and coffee pots



in solid colors of blue, mint green and yellow.



And canister sets. Coming soon – as soon as we’ve photographed them.








French antiques you can entertain with outdoors in style are the next


most requested on your “get this for me” list you gave us.




Our French bottle carriers are always a #1 seller



they carry a few bottles, glasses and a snack out to the garden in style.




Metal or wicker –  each one is a storied well-traveled antique.





French kitchenware is always on our list of what you love.



It’s easy to see why, with their charming, original and honest shapes,



these objects reflect everything we love about the French Country lifestyle.








Not just for their intended use,



savvy entertainers are using these storied wood boards to display an array of appetizers.








Pottery brings life to any space in your home.



Especially pottery from France, with stories to share.












Those accent pieces that are unique, just like you and your home.




What’s not to love about this hand carved 19th century dog?



He {she?!} is just the kind of accent that will make your rooms



personal, and reflective of your own unique style.






French pillows and textiles



to refresh your rooms in one second flat.



No explanation needed.



Amazing 19th century tapestry pillow.




And…while we were gone on our trip,



the 19th century egg and nest chromolithographs I bought



at auction a while ago arrived from England!







Cue the happy dance….


We have storied, well traveled antique items to make sure you are living in amazing style. 







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    While the enamelware is not my thing I can appreciate why
    people collect it. They are very decorative items that show off
    themselves placed on a table or elsewhere. I liked the blue textiles
    which would show off very well on display anywhere in a house.
    Lloyd Ryder

  2. Theresa R Keller

    Beautiful pottery pieces and I love the French bottle carriers as well. I always learn something from your posts! thank you and have a nice holiday


  3. Exquisite! A true feast for the eyes. I particularly love the salt cellar

  4. Sharon Crigger-Stokan

    Oh my! Such beauty in these pictures, and if only they could talk! ??

  5. Gloria Pulliam

    Thank you for bringing a little bit of France to us. It has been very uplifting, you have brought back the joy of life. I just lost my Mother in Law after a long illness. Reading your words has lifted me up!

  6. Diane Trahan

    I really enjoy seeing all your beautiful finds and reading about your travels.

  7. Denise Carlson

    Great post nothing like arm chair shopping! So fun to see the merchandise that you bring back from your trips.
    Thanks, Denise

  8. Jean Van

    Hello, Lidy,
    Oh how wonderful your trip was, so many lovely and wonderful find’s, love everything and so love France, bring’s back so many happy memorie’s and my friend Janet live’s there so I get to hear all the new’s and photo’s, you do have a great eye. Have a wonderfull weekend and a happy Mon.
    Bonjour, Jean~~~~~~~

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