Spring flowering bulbs are a sure and happy sign


that S P R I N G is on the way!




WELCOME to our Spring Bulb Edition of







At the end of this post, I’ll share the spring bulb beauty my friends have



created for all of us to love, so you can go visit them too!





This is such a perfect  time to bring the beauty of spring bulbs inside!



Even if spring weather may still not have arrived



you can create spring indoors.







I bought some planted spring bulbs for my table setting



and a bunch of green and white parrot tulips because I could not resist them!








To set my table for a few friends who were stopping by to celebrate the first day



of sunshine, {hooray!} I layered the table in the kitchen with an

antique French Boutis Quilt.



The new FGH pink linen ruffled napkins add springtime color.







 Some of the potted bulb flowers went into a French tureen,



which I covered with sheet moss.



Because the moss can be messy, I placed the tureen on an antique ironstone platter,



added a small nest, and a bundle of cheerful narcissus.





I couldn’t help but use this sweet antique Bunny Cart to hold a pot of pink tulips



and a pot of small narcissus flowers.






Most likely made by a loving papa for his little ones



many Easters ago,  he is a dapper rabbit, especially when carrying flowers



instead of dolly or bear.







If you grow your own bulbs in the garden,



it does seem a shame to cut them unless you have a lot!



Luckily, these springtime wonders are readily available in markets and nurseries.






Whether you cut them from the garden or buy them,




bulb flowers are a little bit different than most other flowers to care for.









Most bulb flowers do not like preservatives or sugar in the water.



Changing the water every two days will make your bulb flowers last longer.








Narcissus flowers that you buy in the store are sold dry.


They have been rinsed to get rid of their sap.



 If you cut your own flowers from the garden, fill two buckets half way.  As you pick them, place the freshly cut flowers into one of the buckets.


When you have cut all the flowers you want, pick up the entire bunch of flowers and immediately place them into the second bucket and leave them for 15-20 minutes.

Clean out bucket #1, and fill with water again.


Examine the ends of the flowers while taking them out of the #2 bucket.


If they are still oozing sap, put them in the clean water again in bucket #1.


This should be a quick process: out of one bucket, look at the cut ends, and, if necessary, put them into the fresh bucket immediately.


Repeat the rinsing process – fresh water, wait, examine – until the stems lifted out of the water are done losing sap.






If you are picking hyacinths from your garden for a vase arrangement, choose flowers that are already showing some color.


Try to cut the leafless flower stem as long as possible, and don’t damage the foliage around it.


Some people are very allergic to the sap, so be careful.



Place in cold or room temperature water for atleast 1-2 hours before arranging.


Hyacinths do not do well in floral foam.






The tulip is one of the few flowers that grow after they have been cut!


Try to pick tulips {or buy them} when they are almost still all green, with only the edges of the flowers colored.

Cut tulips for an arrangement too short. They will grow 1-1/2 – 2 inches in the vase.



Tulips are phototropic, they turn to find the strongest light in your room, a window or a white wall.


I love the way tulips look when they are all wild and bendy, but if you don’t,


just turn your vase or pot around every day 1/2 a turn.





I hope you have enjoyed the bulb arrangement and my tips.



Now go out and buy some of those beautiful blooming bulbs!



Spring might not have arrived chez vous, but you can make it so inside your home.




Antique Rabbit Child’s Pull Cart
Pink Linen Napkins
Antique Green Majolica Plates {scroll to bottom of page}
Grey Enameled Cake Pedestal

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Go get inspired by my amazing floral friends!



SHIRLEY at Housepitality Designs.



PAM at Everyday Living


MARY at HomeIsWhereTheBoatIs


and me…LIDY FrenchGardenHouse.


à bientôt


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  1. Just love, love, love your article this morning and your wonderful website! The rabbit push cart is precious. And, everything you do is so beautifully and artfully done. Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with us!

    1. Thank you Janet, I am so happy that you read my musings. I hope your day is wonderful! xo Lidy

  2. Hello Spring!! There you go again placing the beautiful flowers in the most wonderful antique containers. Oh that bunny cart!!! I can just imagine a proud father making it for his child/children. I so admire my fellow Monday Monday Morning Blooms friends as they all create such works of art with their flowers and tablescapes…you all inspire me and Lidy this table is so very beautiful. I love tulips, but the Parrot Tulips are my absolute favorite…Have a most beautiful day Lidy and thank you for the tip on cutting spring bulb flowers.
    Happy Spring!!

  3. Joyce Renfro

    Beautiful as always! One more tip for cut tulips is to add about one Tablespoon of Vodka to the water. It will slow the opening of the flower and help to keep the stems more “stiff”.

  4. Oh, wow! I learned SO much here today! Thank you for these amazing, helpful tips! Most of all, I just loved seeing the beauty God created and the way you so tastefully arranged it all! That bunny cart is just adorable, and it was touching to think about the way a granddad probably made it for his grandchildren and all the hours of fun they probably had with it. Thank you so much for another wonderful, uplifting post, Lidy! You and your blog are such a blessing!

  5. Wonderful tips Lidy! Your moss covered Spring arrangement is truly the epitome of Spring! The antique bunny cart is just adorable! I have been experimenting with tulips lately, enjoying their crazy ways. That they grow after cutting, that’s so crazy! Yesterday I made an arrangement and sure enough today they are noticeably taller! I love Monday Morning Blooms, wonderful eye candy and floral knowledge!

  6. Lidy, I am so thrilled that we welcome spring this week as you have already done with your beautiful spring bulbs! The green and white parrot tulips are quite amazing. The bunny cart is adorable and you have to think of the sweet papa who might have made it for his child or grandchild. Your tips on spring bulbs are informative as well as useful info! It is always a pleasure to spend Monday Morning Blooms with you! Have a lovely week! xoxo

    1. Pam, it’s always such a pleasure to join you for our Monday Morning Blooms, sweet friend. Thank you for all the beauty and inspiration you share with all of us on the daily. xo

  7. Leah Metz

    Lidy, Love your post on decorating with spring bulbs. Since I only no longer having my gardens to take the bulbs from, today post reminded me that I can still have my bulbs. They are so accessible at your local food markets and garden centers. Thank you for helping us bring joy and sunshine to our day.

    1. Leah, thank you so much! You can have lots of potted bulbs! Right now I have hyacinths growing in those glass bulb vases, and I can’t wait until their fragrance fills our kitchen. xo

  8. Adore tulips,especially the parrot.
    As you know my country is famous for bulbs and flowers so plenty of them in our backyard and tulips etc. are on sale everywhere.
    Spring is on it’s way.

    1. Anja, when we lived in Holland tulips were everywhere! I love tulips, especially the Parrot too! Hope you have a beautiful week! xo Lidy

  9. Love all the tips and the beautiful arrangements. That bunny is precious. I didn’t realize that tulips continue to grow. How interesting. Love your blog!

  10. Thanks so much Tammy! It’s why they get longer and longer, and droop so beautifully. Happy Monday!

  11. Pamela

    I had no idea about the tulips growing after picking! Great tip and now I understand where I go wrong. A florist for the White House told my friend to throw a few copper pennies in the bottom of the vase and the tulips will remain upright…it really works. Love your beautiful designs and look forward to Monday Morning Blooms every week.

  12. Pamela, that is such a great tip! I will have to try that, although many times I love their bending twisting ways, they have such an “old master” look then. Thanks so much for your visit, I hope that you have a beautiful day!

  13. Jacquie Ellsmere

    Lidy, Love your spring arrangement and the tips about picking fresh daffodils and giving them the two bucket treatment, no more gooey mess! Your website is one of my favorites which I look forward to visiting regularly. Jammed pack with awesome photos and inspiration!

    1. Thanks so much, Jacquie, that is so sweet of you to say! Hope your day is wonderful.

    1. Thank you Penny! I hope spring is on its way in your area too!!


  14. Denise Carlson

    I truly enjoy floral Monday,always can use a little flower therapy. You ladies never disappoint!
    Thanks, Denise

    1. Thanks Denise, I appreciate you joining us for our floral fix!

  15. I had no idea that tulips continued to grow after being cut!! Thank you for enlightening me to this fact!

    1. They really do Jan! It’s so fun to see, actually! But they “stick out of” your arrangement unless you start by cutting them way shorter. Thank you so much for joining us for our floral fun! xo

  16. Someone asked if conditioning {rinsing} daffodils will remove their smell because they get migraines. Unfortunately, no, the fragrance is not affected by removing the sap.

  17. Sue Malizia

    I can see why you couldn’t resist those beautiful white and green parrot tulips! They are absolutely stunning!

  18. Lovely arrangements in lovely containers. I learn something each time I read your blog. I didn’t know that tulips still grow after cutting. The rabbit cart is a true treasure. Thanks for sharing
    linda m

    1. Thank you Linda! It’s almost spring, and I can’t wait.

  19. Lidy, I’ve never seen green and white parrot tulips, how stunning, no wonder you couldn’t resist buying them! I adore your wonderful antique Bunny Cart, how perfect to fill with spring blooms for a centerpiece (I see that he is SOLD, not surprising, what a treasure!) Thank you for the wonderful, informative tips and for the beauty you share. I’m beyond ready for spring and some sunshine. I always look forward to sharing some flower love with my MMB friends.<3

  20. Beautiful! I think I need to buy some bulbs this week! Thanks for the inspiration.

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