There are some iconic pairings that stand the test of time.



Blue and White is one, and a collection



of antique Flow Blue livens up any interior!





First made in the 19th century in England by a variety of potteries,



Flow Blue Ironstone pieces are avidly collected.





A kind of transfer ware with the decorative patterns applied to white glazed




ironstone blanks with a paper stencil, flow blue has a stunning cobalt blue color.





 Flow Blue is called that because the designs are slightly “blurred”



it’s that quality that made flow blue such a immense hit in the United States.





The process of making Flow Blue was intentionally created as


a way to use less of the expensive cobalt oxide


but still get that enchanting deep cobalt blue everyone loved!




Flow Blue patterns fall into a four basic categories:


1. Oriental designs {temples, pagodas and Asian themes}

2. Romantic  designs {flowers, animals, town scenes and gardens}

3. Floral designs {lots of flowers, vines and leaves}

4. Brush Stroke designs {mimic hand painted brush strokes with pink & copper luster}






The most sought after color of Flow Blue is deep dark intense cobalt blue


although lighter colors blue were also made.



Most early Flow Blue was made on ironstone,



 in the late 1800’s lighter porcelain pieces were made, often with embossed details .






“Mulberry” flow blue pieces were also quite popular.


These were made by going through the transfer process but without adding “flow agents” such as salt


so the cobalt coloring stayed in place and the transfer appeared dark black.




Blue and white is always a classic, timeless addition to your home.



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à bientôt


20 thoughts on “FOR THE LOVE OF FLOW BLUE”

  1. Alice Genzlinger

    I’ve been blessed to receive flow blue pieces passed down to my mother in law. Her grandmothers’ family brought them into the USA when they immigrated from Germany. There are plates and a small platter. I also have a small pitcher.

  2. Kaye Sandeman

    I hung the two flow blue plates I inherited on the wall in an arrangement with other plates.

  3. Love blue & white,I’ve bought items myself but I also inherited a few pieces from my Oma. These pieces are always on display but I don’t use them.
    Your blue & white is gorgeous.

  4. Such gorgeous pieces of Flow Blue…I was introduced to Flow Blue way back in the early 80’s…at that time raising a family, wanting to buy those pieces were a luxury….As I read the comments above, how so very lovely that they inherited beautiful Flow Blue from family…Have a great day Lidy!!!

  5. Lidy, I love flow blue and am fortunate to have collected several pieces through the years. I don’t use it though, but enjoy having it displayed.

    Hope you are seeing spring.

  6. I adore blue and white. I don’t have any Flow Blue, but now I will keep an eye out for it. I use my blue and white all the time for tablescapes of course! I found a beautiful blue and soup tureen at a thrift store recently that has some hints of yellow in it that is perfection. Blessings!

  7. Denise Carlson

    I have always loved the blue and white transfer ware, but sadly have none. I am interested in the mulberry transfer ware I love the black color for its drama! Happy Day!

  8. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors

    Lidy, I have always admired Flow Blue. It is so strikingly beautiful. I just recently purchased two plates at a local shop that look similar to the first one you showcased. Thanks for such a lovely and informative post. Enjoy your day!

  9. Connie Rice

    Lovely pieces!!! I love anything blue and have a beautiful piece that I inherited from my Aunt. It’s a darling gravy boat touraine with markings on the bottom that say Henry Alcock & Co., England RN#329815. Maybe I can do some detective work and find out more about it.

  10. Ellen Shook

    Nice post on flow blue. I would love to get this book so I am putting my name in the hat!

  11. Marsha Williams

    I have loved blue and white since I can remember. It’s always my favorite color combo. For clothing, decor, furniture, almost everything. Even my china is blue and white!

  12. Jean Van

    Hello Lidy,
    Love all your beautiful flow blue piece’s, I am lucky enough to have been collecting them year’s ago before they became so hard to get. I hang all my plate’s and I do use a few piece’s but only at special time’s. I just bought a beautiful large ginger jar in the flow blue, a copy but could not resist, we gal’s just love that blue. You alway’s display all your pretties so nice and for all of us to enjoy, I alway’s look forward to seeing everything you have and your storie’s. Thank’s for sharing and Happy St. Paddy Day~~~~~~~~~~~Bonjour~~~~~~~

  13. Peggy Cooper

    Lidy, I love blue and white. I have a china cabinet displaying all blue and white dishes, platters, etc. I’ve collected from antique stores and auctions, and blue and white ginger jars above my white kitchen cabinets mixed in with old copper tea kettles. Some came from places like Tuesday morning and aren’t really antiques, but beautiful just the same. I also have an antique plate rack with blue and white dishes and tea cups I found at a hospice charity store. Looking to add more to have some throughout the house. So timeless and so beautiful.

    I have to tell you, I ordered one of your beautiful cashmere shawls in sky blue, and it came in the mail yesterday. I was so impressed with how it was wrapped, and I’m saving the beautiful black and white toile tissue paper and lovely gray ribbon. Not sure what I’ll use them for, but too precious to not save. My first purchase from you, but I don’t think it will be my last.

  14. Sharon Crigger-Stokan

    I love blue and white and since my dining room is done in blue and white, the cobalt blue pairs so well with it! These pieces are beautiful, Lidy!

  15. I have a piece of the black.
    I never knew it was a flow mulberry.
    Its even more special now.
    Thank you for sharing.

  16. Jan sanders

    The story behind flow blue is amazing and brings historical insite to new collectors. Not to mention that the blue and white is timeless. Enjoy these amazing plates

  17. Gloria Pulliam

    I am starting to love blue and white more an more. Your flow blue plates pattern are so soft.

  18. Hi Lidy,
    I have three beautiful flow blue plates that I inherited from my mother. I put them along the the back of my China Cabinet Hutch in the plate holder. I mixed the shelf with different blue and white pieces that I have collected over the years, a lovely ink well, and pen set, I have put a teapot, and a collection of blue and white teacups and saucers, a pretty blue and white vase, and a lovely antique blue and white small Oriental tea set that is in a cobalt blue color, though it is not flow blue which came from Japan, a treasured gift from a friend who was stationed there for many years. Amazing how they all blend together. I sometimes remove some of the pieces and just make a small collection on a shelf, or on a small table with some fresh yellow daffodils.
    The contrast is very pleasing to the eye.

    1. Janice,

      Your display of flow blue mixed in with other blue and white sounds beautiful! It’s always a joy
      to make something beautiful for us to look at at home, isn’t it? Especially if the pieces have
      such sweet memories attached to them as some of yours have.

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