MONDAY MORNING BLOOMS | French Country White Holiday Arrangement

Monday Morning Blooms French Country White Holiday Arrangement



It’s getting closer to Christmas!

I know we all love this time of year, despite the hustle and bustle of getting things done.


Each year I vow to keep my decorations to a minimum, and most years I actually manage that.

But…well, the spell Christmas casts is undeniable, no?



Welcome on this beautiful Monday Morning Blooms!

Come right in!


I’m excited you are here, and I hope you will love joining us – and stay a while.



My friends and I are creating a holiday “Winter White” Arrangement, in an all white container for your pleasure today.

I’ll link to their posts at the bottom, be sure to click to visit them!


So back to the decorating, I’m almost done.



Actually, I was almost done two weeks ago. There are only the “fresh” flowers and greens decorative touches to add.

{ you can take my Holiday Living Room Tour HERE > }



Today I’m giving you a peek into our family room side of the house.


It’s where a lot happens, cooking eating, entertaining!

Is it like this at your house?


No matter where I start out with guests – they all end up crowding in the family room/kitchen.


It’s not a very big area, just enough room for a couch, two chairs, and our French armoire.




I recently bought this French Country bench at an antique show to replace the ottoman that came with the couch.

I love everything about it. It has gorgeous legs!


That it already came upholstered with this beautiful red fabric was a huge bonus.

Because, while I favor neutrals in the living room of our FrenchGardenHouse,

this family room kitchen area is more about my “other side” –

the side that adores red.



I love that beautiful lighted wreath on the wall. It has a little battery pack, so no cords to plug in.


I added a few small red berries so it would “match” our little tree.




So now let’s talk about the flowers. I know you are waiting for that!



For this holiday arrangement, I used floral clear tape to create a grid on a French Ironstone Soup Tureen.

Using a tape grid helps the flowers from flopping over to the sides.




The “ingredients” for this arrangement are fairly easy to find at any florist,

the market, or wherever you buy your flowers.



If you can’t find the two types of greens I used, just substitute something else!


Clip something from your garden, or ask neighbors if you can clip a few things from their garden.



I placed my tureen on two antique ironstone platters.


A few small gold ornaments add a little sparkle and shine.

And a clipping of fresh evergreen and a tiny pinecone add a natural touch.




This arrangement is exactly what I have here during the holidays.


Since there is already plenty of decor going on, the simple flowers,

usually all white, are what my home looks best with.



I hope you have enjoyed this Monday Morning Blooms


and my Monday Morning Blooms French Country White Holiday Arrangement.


Be sure to visit my friends, by clicking on their links.




Visit my friends Mary at HomeIsWhereTheBoatIs



and Shirley at Housepitality Designs



and FrenchGardenHouse {moi}

{Our friend Pam will be back next time!}



I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous week before Christmas!!!

33 thoughts on “MONDAY MORNING BLOOMS | French Country White Holiday Arrangement”

  1. Oh my, oh my…love your beautiful new bench…perfect for the room and what better to dress up that bench for the Holidays is that gorgeous arrangement!….Love the Freesia in the arrangement…have not been able to find that beauty in my neck of the woods….Beautiful enhancements of the wreath and tree in that beautiful room. Your home is truly is a Christmas Spectacular! …. Hmmm….how can I even begin to choose a favorite Tree Classics item…love so many of them…from the gorgeous trees to the garlands to the wreaths and I could go on…but I must say that the sweet Clifton Pine tree has been one of my favorites! My hubby would say the he loves the easy set up trees…setting up in 10 minutes…Such a sheer pleasure to join you for Monday Morning Blooms…looking forward to the next one…Have a very Merry Day Lidy!!!

  2. Love your flower arrangement as usual.
    Your tree is gorgeous looks similair to ours.
    The new bench is so beautiful, the legs are gorgeous indeed,you have a great eye for antiques

  3. Lidy, This is stunning! Not only did you treat us to a beautiful White Christmas arrangement but we got a peek into your gorgeous home decked out for the holidays too! I’m a fellow red-lover and your French Country bench is a beauty. I love your cozy family room, I’ve never noticed your floor before. . .swoon! So many pretty and cozy details. As always it’s a joy to join for some flower therapy and Monday Morning Blooms. Thank you for the beautiful start to my day!

  4. Linda Chapin

    Any Christmas greenery that comes with batteries and helps avoid dangling cords and tangles of extensions certainly has my vote. Thanks for all the Holiday liveliness!

  5. I love all of their wreaths! They look like living wreaths and no cords are awesome!

  6. Lidy, I love your new bench! In fact, I have a Charles Faudree chair in that same fabric. I adore red, too, and I use it throughout my home. Your holiday decor is just gorgeous and looks so warm and inviting! Your floral arrangement is both stunning and elegant, It works perfectly in your room. Lastly, I saw your porch on Instagram, and it immediately spoke to my heart! It is stunning and looks like something out of a magazine! Merry Christmas!!!

  7. Dij Jones

    Lidy, I too love to create a completely white Christmas since my desert home does not provide that naturally. On my wish list would be the 7.5 ft. Artic White Pine tree which would be embellished with my treasured collection of Victorian ornaments sparkling in front of its clear lights. Dreamy!

  8. Lidy, your home is gorgeous! Thanks for the tour. Love your new antique bench and your flower arrangement is stunning!
    Wishing you a delightful and meaningful Christmas.

  9. Lidy, your home is beautiful. I, too, love your new antique bench, so love the fabric. And your flower arrangement is gorgeous – I love white at Christmas. It seems so peaceful.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Lidy.

  10. Jackie Walls

    Lidy, I loved everything about this blog, especially your antique bench and lovely floral arrangement! Happy Holidays!

  11. Jo Ann McCready

    Hi Lidy,
    Your arrangement on today’s post is exquisite! I love clipping my own evergreens, boxwood and holly from my landscape and adding fresh flowers, too. I have french soup tureen very similar to yours and it is sitting empty right now, but not for long.
    I went to Tree Classics and absolutely love the Christmas Morning Frost Wreath.
    It would look stunning on red door of my classic white farmhouse!

  12. Denise Carlson

    Last chance I would pick the silver and gold collection of ornaments.Short and sweet. Lidy the arrangement is beautiful as is your home! Merry Christmas! ???Please enter me into the drawing.
    Thanks, Denise

  13. Eileen

    I like that pencil tree. It’s great for small spaces.

  14. I love the Christmas frost wreath, a bit of color, glitz, love your red bench

  15. Dorothy Avery

    Impossible to choose – all decorations, especially your flower arrangements, are SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!! It is similar to entering a perfect and beautiful dream world.

  16. Beautiful arrangement
    Charming family room . That is where people seems to hang out at our home.
    Love , love your new bench , fabric is perfect !
    It is so much fun to find the thing . Found two Aubusson pillows for living room , perfect !
    Have a great day . Love to see all you have done with your home . Xo Chris

  17. Liz Shivel

    I love the tree classics wreaths, especially the full noble for wreaths. They are beautiful! Also, the two styles of berry picks for the tree, red berries! I have some really old ratty red berry picks from years ago, little bits of red missing, but I love the few that I have and I always put them into my tree as my last decoration.

  18. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things

    I love Tree Classics Kennedy Fir Narrow Tree. The tree I have now it too big for our new home! Your flower arrangement is beautiful. I love your red bench.

  19. Lidy, I too love touches of red in my decor. I also love the Austrian Spruce Garden Berry Wreath and Garland from Tree Classics. They have such beautiful things. Thanks for the drawing! Merry Christmas, Julie

  20. Sandy Ferguson

    Clifton pine any size. Tree looks so real. Thanks Sandy Ferguson.

  21. Merry Christmas Lidy, your home looks GORGEOUS! I love the white and silver arrangements…wishing you all the joy and magic of the Christmas season. XO Lisa

  22. Theresa Keller

    Love the simplicity of this arrangement and your red bench is beautiful too!

    Happy Holidays!

  23. Gloria Pulliam

    I can’t believe the snap tree. I would love one of them for next year.

  24. I just love your post like this one. For some reason I have been missing out on them. I always get excited to see what tour is on or what beautiful room I will get to see.

    Thank you.

  25. Gail Billings

    I especially like the appearance of the Clifton Pine Tree. The lightly dusted snow covering the branches gives the realistic appearance of a true tree just cut from the woods. Your posts are always very lovely, and your home is fantastically appointed.

  26. Your home looks truly gorgeous with all your fresh holiday decorations and arrangements Lidy! I love love your elegant tree, but I can see why your guest flock to the family room kitchen area, so cozy and festive with the pops of red. Have a very Merry holiday!

  27. Jean Van

    Hello, Lidy,
    All I can say your home and all the room’s above are just lovely and cozy and I could move in tomorrow, lol, everything is so welcoming, pretty, pretty, Enjoy all your work and all your happy time’s, a home is full of memories and your’s is for sure~~~~Happy Christmas~~~~~~~~~Jean ~~~~~~~~~

  28. Lidy, the bench is the perfect addition to your family room/kitchen and I love the fabric. Your white arrangement is beautiful with the roses and freesia placed in your lovely soup turreen. The grid is ideal to keep your flowers from drooping. Your home is so beautiful and welcoming. I missed joining you but am looking forward to our next one! Have a Merry and Bright week??

  29. Lidy, the bench is the perfect addition to your family room/kitchen and I love the fabric. Your white arrangement is beautiful with the roses and freesia placed in your lovely soup turreen. The grid is ideal to keep your flowers from drooping. Your home is so beautiful and welcoming. I missed joining you but am looking forward to our next one! Have a Merry and Bright week??

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