Growing up, I already appreciated the beauty of silver.

My mom and I lived with my grandparents in their home in Europe, and grandmama had beautiful silver.






The most precious silver she had {in my child’s eyes at least} was the silver tea pot that sat on her large tea table. Imagine how thrilled I was when I inherited her pot when she passed away.



{ It should not have been a surprise, I let her know at a very young age

I really, really, really loved it! }





 I love that I learned how to use and decorate with silver from her.



I adore a beautiful display of silver. You know the ones, set “just so” on a shelf behind glass doors. And there is nothing wrong with that!





But I’ll be honest, I just love to see antique and vintage silver used, many of these pieces have survived over 100 years, and they want to live a little!



They want to feel like they are part of the beautiful h o m e you live in.

And mix a little with the every day pieces.



Silver is stunning, especially when it’s used as part of your home’s decor.




Adding just a touch of silver brings elegance and sophistication to a room.

It doesn’t matter if they are silver heirlooms you inherited, or heirlooms you bought

{hopefully from FrenchGardenHouse! } for the generations after you –





Try to find everyday uses for your silver so their beauty, history and stories are part of your home.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to add silver to our everyday life and interior.









If you have several silver pieces, show them off as a group. A collection of silver objects makes a much bigger statement than little pieces put here and there.


A group of silver objects together are a show stopper!



On my vanity in our bedroom, I used to have two silver clothes brushes, which did look very nice.


Now, though, “after” I decided to display and use some more of my silver vanity jars all together.

I think it has more of a “wow” factor.

At least I think so every time I walk into this room!







Antique teapots, trophies and “containers” in silver make beautiful vases.

They are way more decorative and eye-catching when filled with flowers.

I use silver baskets, trophies, ice buckets, even hotel compotes.


Silver baskets are a natural for cradling flowers and greens.


You can either put a small glass container in the center, or use those water “picks” from the florist filled with water for each stem.




This large Hotel Silver Champagne Bucket looks amazing all by itself, but really kicks up her heels when filled with beautiful flowers!




Used to serve pastries at Hotel Baldwin, this hotel silver compote likes a little floral covering once in awhile for special occasions!






Nothing elevates the style of a drinks tray like silver.  Silver always adds a touch of elegance.


You might remember my silver tray with drinks for holiday parties right by our front door?


That little gleam of silver catches all the holiday lights, and signals that it’s a festive occasion!


A second tray perched on an antique French chair holds the champagne coupes, since I have a really really small entry foyer.






A small collection of miniature sterling objects makes a statement when grouped on a tray.


These salt cellars are having a fun time on an antique mirrored tray, I added “faux” snow for whimsy…displayed like this on the buffet, it invites each of my guests to choose one to take back to the table.



For a more casual setting, how about sprinkling some salt on an antique French plate and setting a few of your most favorite salt cellars on top with a spoon?



Of course silver trays make short work of making any collection look grander than it is.


These miniature French Limoges boxes look a treat on this silver tray, don’t they?




I hope I’ve made a case for silver. Use it. Display it. LOVE it!


If you’ve got your antique sterling and silver plate pieces stashed somewhere or on display behind glass, now’s the time to take it out.


Figure out how you can use it as part of your everyday decor so that you can enjoy its beauty and history on the daily.




I just added some of the most beautiful silver from our last European Buying Trip to the shop.


It joins some of my very favorite American silver – together they are ready to decorate your holiday home and tables!



Each is perfect for this season, and every season after that.








{just one of two of these stellar sterling cuffs left for you to hint for!}













I hope you are enjoying decorating your home for the holidays. Not just with special “decorations”, but also with the things you love and use, such as silver!




  1. Dear Lidy,

    Love your displays.Like you I adore antique silver and with this post you gave me ideas how I can display my own pieces of silver.

  2. Aggie Reynolds

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Really good ideas on how I can display my silver (mostly silver plate actually). But it is still too pretty to keep tucked away. Thanks for sharing your lovely collection.

    1. Angie, most of my silver is also plate – sterling pieces are so expensive, but good quality plate is just as beautiful. Especially if they have a personal meaning to you. I’m glad that you are enjoying your silver pieces.

  3. Lidy these silver pieces are beautiful. I have an antique silver butter bowl I used for Christmas decorating with a gilded artichoke. So many pretty pieces on your vanity.

    Enjoy hearing stories about your grandmother.


  4. Diana Lucas

    Oh my gosh Lidy, you certainly did make a case for using silver! The silver on your dressing table is absolutely stunning and the rest of the examples you showed are too. You have given me a couple of new ideas for my own silver which I will test out today. Thank you so much and have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. You have the most exquisite collection of silver!!!…and you so magnificently display and use them. I LOVE your Grandmother’s tea pot. What a treasure! I always swoon over your amazing collection of vanity pieces…what a joy it must be to able to see and enjoy them each and every day! Have a Merry day Lidy!!

  6. I love decorating with silver. I have a small rectangular tray on my coffee table that contains pearly white sea shells. The silver sets it off so nicely.

    I have also begun to collect old silver trays that are beyond rehabilitation and decoupaging them……

  7. Lidy, your sterling collection is magnificent! Your styling and vignettes displaying the silver are stunning dear friend. I love your grandmother’s teapot and what a cherished treasure. Thanks for all the tips and Merry Thursday!!

  8. Lisa, I love that you display the shells on a silver tray! I am sure that they sparkle and shine, such a beautiful idea!

  9. Sue Malizia

    Can’t get enough looking at how you beautifully display your silver throughout your home. I love how you added greenery under your tray…so festive!

    1. Thanks so much Sue. I love sprinkling greens around during the holidays…it makes everything look dressed for the occasion!

  10. Hi Lidy, I can see why you love that silver teapot, I mean really, really love it! Beautiful post. Hugs, Pat

  11. Hi Lidy,

    I just want to come stand in each of your rooms and look in awe and admiration. You have a very lovely home. Your silver collection is stunning. Thank you for sharing.


  12. Jean Van

    Hello, Lidy,
    I have looked at these lovely photo’s of silver a few time’s and each time I see something different and love all of it, I am going to get my silver tray out and display it on my marble table with goodie’s on it, it is only 60 year’s old but so nice have to polish, lol~~~~~~Everything look’s so charming you really do a beautiful job of showing all of us your nice thing’s, again Happy Christmas~Jean~~~~~~~~~~

  13. Jean, so thrilled that you will take your tray and display it! Thank you for visiting me today, it’s always a joy to have you here. Happy Christmas,Jean….although I hope to see you here a few times before then!

  14. Good morning, Lidy. I saved this post until I had time to read it, as I knew it would be a treasure. And it is. Your silver is beyond the word beautiful. I, too, enjoy and love silver and you are correct in what it adds is amazing. It seems to turn ordinary to elegant, instantly. I have my mom’s silver tea service and I must admit, I am not as good at keeping it polished as I should be. However, you have inspired me to certainly try and do better. I know your grandmother’s teapot brings you great joy and warms your heart every time you see it. Thank you for this lovely post and for all you do to bring beauty into our lives. Joyeux Noël ?

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