Since beginning my beloved FrenchGardenHouse, I have been blessed.

Blessed beyond my wildest imagination with the people I’ve had the privilege to meet. Clients who have become good friends, dealers who’ve become good friends, and all of you, blog readers, some of you whom have become good friends and the others probably could should we ever be able to meet in person! {there is a pattern developing here, I Know!}



I’ve also been blessed by being published, because I’ve been able to share my love and enthusiasm of antiques in several national magazines over the years, our home has been featured too.

A few weeks ago, the day was filled with excitement when the Victoria Classics issue of HOMES & ANTIQUES arrived in my mailbox!  Not only is my article about antique Toleware inside, our home was featured on the front page.   Which was a total surprise – and pretty exciting!




This is such a beautiful issue, and it’s filled with antique inspiration.  The article I wrote for Victoria about antique tole is just one of the many gorgeous, antique filled articles.



You might recognize several of these toleware pieces, or perhaps even own them, as most of these beauties have sold since I styled the photos and my friend, the wonderful photographer Cynthia Schaffer, took these shots.



Toleware is one of the antiques I’m always on the hunt for, exceptional toleware, it’s getting quite rare to find a well painted, old, old piece. I’ll be honest, there are plenty of tole pieces out there, but it really has to capture my heart and practically my soul for me to love a piece of antique toleware enough to buy it and offer it for sale.



The one thing all the pieces of antique toleware or tole peinte I love and sell have in common is that they are carefully and beautifully hand painted.  The chinoiserie jardinieres are a particular favorite with FrenchGardenHouse clients, this one below has the most lovely creamy background, with the gilt detailed painting.



This huge hand painted tray shown below is one of the most unusual antique trays I’ve ever had the honor to take care of for awhile. It sold recently to a private toleware museum, where I’m sure everyone who sees it will be inspired by the skilled painting and craftsmanship!



It was also quite a thrill to see this in our mailbox, the special French edition of the Cottage Journal.  It’s so beautiful!  Filled with all sorts of French inspiration, it is another magazine that will no doubt be a keeper for years to come.



I had such a fun time being interviewed for this article, and although our home has changed somewhat since these photos were taken, it’s exciting to see it in print.

This little rack graces the back cover.  It was in our kitchen for quite a few years, and was then replaced by a huge French gilded frame with a chalkboard inside. Now? It’s almost going to be replaced by a new plate rack which Mr. FrenchGardenHouse promised to make me for my birthday {so far, no go!! – but he promises to build it this month. so fingers crossed!}

Now that I see it again, I do think it was charming, especially since it had a spoon holder for all my special sterling spoons.  But once in a while, I get in the mood to re-arrange and change out a few things, so this rack has been gone for a while. I know you all do that too, in your homes, right?



Our living room is the beginning of the story, and we do still have the slipcovered white couch.  The ottoman has been replaced by a round coffee table, and the chairs? I bought a pair of leopard upholstered French chairs that I need to work into the room somehow. I adore them! Mr. FGH? Not so much, but I think he will once I get them settled into some kind of new arrangement.




Since this photo was taken, we’ve had the kitchen remodeled. The footprint is the same, the floor and all the rest is the same, but we’ve upgraded the cabinets, added a farm sink, and a Wolff range.

It’s still the center of our family’s gatherings, as the French doors open to the back patio and garden.



And since this shot was taken of our front entrance, the arch has been removed.  We totally re-envisoned the front garden, so that it is all low-moisture needing and much more of a Provence looking area.

Gravel instead of grass, less flowers that need to be watered. This photo almost makes me sorry we did, almost though, because the garden is much more lovely and usable than it was before.




If you love magazines, please be sure to get a copy of both of these! They are available at bookstores and markets, but you can also order direct from Hoffman Media HOMES & ANTIQUES HERE >  &  FRENCH COTTAGE HERE >.

The Cottage Journal is sponsoring a give away of FIVE copies of the French Cottage Magazine on the FGH Instagram  this coming week, if you don’t follow FrenchGardenHouse there, please do to get all the details.

I’m unpacking a huge crate of French country treasures this week, so stay tuned  –  I’m hoping to write another blog post about some of them.  Wishing you a gorgeous day, and thank you so much, always, for taking time out of your busy day to spend a little bit of it with me and FrenchGardenHouse!



à bientôt

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  1. Dear Lidy, congratulations on your being featured in those inspiring magazines! I hope I can get a copy of French Cottage. Have a fabulous day too. It is raining here — yay!
    <3 Jeanne

  2. Jan sanders

    Both are timeless. I still love the red china with the creamware ….. A classic even though it’s not the hot color at the moment. Don’t get rid of the red. It’s warm and inviting and can be used for many of our American holiday celebrations
    Can’t wait to see the magazines.

    1. Jan, that red will always be a part of our home, it’s my very favorite color! Right now it’s more in the family room – kitchen area and the living room is accented with blue and bright green, but that is the beauty of having fairly neutral furniture colors, you can change the whole look of the room by switching out the accessories!

  3. Lidy, I have adored your authentic French style and choice antiques since I first saw you in the RH magazine years ago. It is only fitting that you are now featured in the Hoffmann Media publications – my absolute favorites. I subscribe to several, but not these two, so I will definitely pick them up.
    I love the toleware, and have a few pieces (less extraordinary than your European examples, yet still unique). The china, silver, your home & garden all exude an authentic French flare. I am thinking of taking a turn for a lower maintenance thing or two in my garden this year also, and have no plans to regret it….at least not right now. 😉 I hope you get your plate rack – it will be an ever-changing feature to enjoy seeing in future posts!
    Congratulations on these well-deserved features!

  4. Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!….I so love seeing your beautiful home in all of the various publications!! Oh that toleware tray that went into the museum is my fav…it is magnificent!….I have the issue of Victoria Classics but have yet to find the other…. I am sure your sweet hubby will be giving you that gift of the plate rack soon and I cannot wait to see it filled with all of your treasures!!! Have a great day Lidy!

  5. carol osborn

    I’ve already enjoyed the “French Cottage” issue but will look for the “Homes & Antiques” this week. Your lovely home is such an inspiration and hope you’ll share your “new” garden with us one day. -carol

    1. Carol, thank you! I hope you find the Homes & Antiques and enjoy it every bit as much as I do. It’s a keeper issue, for sure!

  6. Mary coleman

    Dear Lidy, we who “know” , love and adore you are not surprised at all about your exciting good fortune! The pictures are wonderful and I can’t wait to pore over them later this afternoon with a cup of tea. I hope both magazines are atBarnes and Noble waiting for me! Love the red and I must have a spoon rack immediately…so charming. Blessed, indeed. Xox,m

    1. Mary, I hope they are too! Thank you for your sweetest comment, and yes, now that I see that spoon rack, I sort of wish I could have kept it.
      But it went to the next person who loves it, I donated it to a charity shop and the young woman that I saw buy it was beyond excited. How wonderful
      that was to see!

      Wishing you a beautiful week,

  7. Hi Lidy and congrats on your publish news. Well deserved. I love an authentic French Country look like yours although I do sneak in a rooster now and then! Hugs, Pat at Bringing French Country Home

  8. Complimenti!!! The house and collection encourages us to breathe and take in all its beauty. How honored and satisfied you must feel.

  9. Thank you Lisa, I mostly feel blessed and honored, you are right. I almost didn’t write this post, as it feels slightly braggy, but wanted to be sure you all heard about the publications and maybe got them, they are so lovely!

  10. You do have an eye for beautiful things that are the perfect complement for those who love French country style. It appears there are many of those.

  11. Linda, that is so nice of you to say. There are many French Country fans, it’s a style that fits so many homes and encompasses so many looks. But we do have many clients who have farm style homes, Victorian homes, contemporary homes, or over the top elegant French and English style decor. That’s the beauty of antiques, they fit so beautifully into every home!

  12. I purchased The Cottage Journal last night. When I saw the story, I thought to myself, “That room looks familiar.” So glad to know that it is your home! I look forward to sitting on my porch soon and enjoying the magazine. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Dear Lidy, You are a totally amazing lady! People are drawn to you because of your endearing spirit. You are very kind to all and have touched many hearts with your work. I have always enjoyed your blog and articles you have written. They are very informative as well as interesting. It’s been a great blessing to me to follow your work. Congratulations on the cover!
    xoxo Jo

  14. I too like tole but more in the French,Swedish Empire periods.
    The magazine “home and antiques”is a must reading for me.
    I enjoy your blogs.

  15. Lorraine Hitchcock

    May you continue to be blessed beyond measure and inspire us all!

    1. Thank you so very much, Lorraine! I hope you are doing well, so nice to see you here!

  16. Jean Van

    Hi, Lidy,
    Loved all the photo’s and your pretty and charming home and congrats on the magazine, I will be buying the Cottage magazine later today I also have back issue’s that I keep and look over and over again. Can hardly wait to see all this in there. Loved your part about your hubby. Have a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY~~~~~~~~~~~Bonjour, Jean~~~~~~~~~~~

    1. Happy Mother’s Day to YOU, Jean. It was so wonderful speaking to you yesterday!

  17. SharonCrigSt

    I got my Victoria issue yesterday and so loved your article! Yes, the whole magazine even, but particularly your article…and with such beautiful pictures! I’m anxiously waiting for my issue of the Cottage Journal to arrive! I feel so blessed that a friend who also follows your blog recommended it! Don’t know how I lived without it! 😉 Happiest of Mother’s Day to you, Lidy!

    1. Thank you so much, Sharon! That is so sweet of you to say. Happiest Mother’s Day to you, too. xo

  18. Congratulations to you Lidy! It’s no surprise to me since I adore your style and ‘savoir faire’! I have a small collection of toleware, more shabby than chic, but I love toleware in all forms. Your garden is a feast for the eyes in all its stages…I can only imagine how wonderful it is to have those French doors open from your kitchen and patio and garden views. Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day Weekend.

    1. Mary, I wish you a special Mother’s Day too! It’s a joy to celebrate having a Mom or being one, isn’t it? xo

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