Mother’s Day happily coincides with the beautiful month of MAY – a time when all our favorite flowers are at their very best.



When my own Mom was still alive { you can read about her here > } our custom was that she would come for a Mother’s Day Tea at lunch time in our back garden. All of us would join her for a slightly more elaborate type of gathering than we usually have back there, and enjoy tea, lunch, and each other’s company.


Today I’m joining my three flower loving friends Shirley, Mary and Pam for FLORAL FRIDAY.  I love getting to see their pretty flowers every first and third Friday of the month, and I’m sure that you will love it too! I’ll give you the links at the bottom of this post.



Mother’s Day is such a special holiday, it’s a time to honor motherhood, and there are so many ways to do that.

Spending time with your family, honoring your own Mom and grandmother with flowers, a gift and/or a special time together is a great way to honor the mothers in your life. Honoring your own daughters or daughters-in-love for the wonderful mothers they are in a special way is another way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Or choosing to make a difference somehow in the lives of other mothers in your community, city, country or around the world.

For this FLORAL FRIDAY, I honored the memory of my Mom by designing a floral arrangement with the flowers and colors she loved in an antique tea pot.



It’s easy to create an alluring arrangement of flowers of your very own, either to honor your Mom, or to love in your own home. Trust me, you can do this!



You can’t go wrong with these easy to master tips:



Flowers are all beautiful, so this always super easy.  I chose roses, alstroemeria and tiny carnations, mixed with blue hydrangeas and bright chartreuse green snowballs.





An antique silver tea pot is the perfect reflective container and adds a touch of metallic glamour. Using a metallic vase for your arrangement will make your flowers look luxurious and even more lavish.




My Mom loved blue. LOVED. I couldn’t find any cut flowers in her favorite colors this week, but knew we had some bright blue hydrangeas in pots in the garden that would look dazzling in this arrangement.  I actually only had to clip two big flowers and one small one from our potted hydrangeas for my arrangement. {good thing, because my head gardener is not really a fan of me cutting his prized blooms off a plant!}

Mom also really loved bold, bright colors, so when I found these stunning Apricot Orange Roses and Peach Alstroemeria for this arrangement, I knew they were perfect! I added the bright green snowballs for a complimentary pop.  She would have loved this color combination.



Antique Limoges Cup & Saucer



I usually make short, clipped arrangements. But this tall antique tea pot called for something with height.

I cut the roses longer than I normally would.  I did use my handy florist tape to tape an easy grid on the pot  {tips here >}  which really helped the long roses and snowballs stand up tall!




Add the tallest flowers one by one, stand back and admire your work. Then slowly add the other flowers, being aware to fill in any holes or gaps. Stand back and admire your arrangement again, and make adjustments if you need or want to. You can pull some of the flowers gently up higher, and gently push others down a little further until it looks like you want it to.

And there you have it! You’ve created a beautiful arrangement for your Mom, or for you!



This year, I’ll be joining my daughters and grand-daughters for a birthday celebration at the American Girl Doll Store!  My adorable grand-girl is going to be celebrated at a fancy lunch with her best friend and sister and their dolls, and us.  What fun we will have!   I’m excited to be invited to this special day in her life!  And I know that my Mom would have loved to join us in this adventure.



Don’t forget to visit my three gorgeous friends:


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  1. Oh your mom is truly sitting there at the table smiling at the beautiful table you created for her and smiling with pride and immense joy that she raised a most wonderful daughter. I can just imagine tea in the garden with your mom surrounded by the beauty that you have provided for her. I am blessed to still have my mom with us to make more memories. I know that you have such beautiful memories of your mom. Stunning, stunning arrangement Lidy. The colors of the arrangement are such a charming tribute to your mom. Happy Floral Friday Lidy….Love participating with the talented and sweet you! Have a great Friday and weekend!

    1. Shirley, your Mom is just as darling as you are, sweet friend. I know you cherish the time you get to spend with her. xo

  2. Swoon Lidy! I adore your combination of flowers from the spring green of the snowballs, to the peach roses and alstroemeria and blue of the hydrangeas! I share your mom’s love of blue flowers. Je t’aime your whole vignette with your stunning silver teapot set on your silver tray with the beautiful cups and glass pedestal of macarons! What a wonderful memory and celebration you’ll have for Mother’s Day and birthday celebration this year. Thank you for the beautiful start to my morning. It’s always a pleasure to join you for Floral Friday!

    1. Mary, it is always a pleasure to join YOU for Floral Friday, especially when your floral overlooks the lake! Thank you for always being an inspiration and a spot of beauty in my day.

  3. Lidy, what a stunning array of colorful blooms in your antique silver teapot, elegance at its finest!. I love the mix of the lime green snowballs, peach roses, and the showy blue hydrangeas. It would be pure pleasure to sit at your lovely table for tea and macarons. Thank you for sharing the lovely thoughts of your Mother. Enjoy your sweet time with your daughters and grand-daughter’s for a birthday celebration at American Girl! What a precious memory-making time. I love spending Floral Friday’s with you!!

    1. Pam, I would love it if you could share tea with me, so much fun we would have! I love spending Floral Friday’s with YOU, too!

  4. Ginger Valdes

    The blues and peach colors are so stunning together! And then those macaroons! Such beautiful photos. Your mother would be so pleased. You are still a very wonderful daughter, Lidy!

  5. Ginger, you are so sweet. You are always ready to write just the perfect, encouraging words. Thank you, friend!

  6. Such a gorgeous combination Lidy! And I love the matching macaroons 🙂 Your use of the antique silver teapot is perfect for this special occasion, your Mother I definitely smiling! Your Mother’s Day plans sound like so much fun, how wonderful to spend it with your daughters and grands! I will be celebrating Mother’s Day early with my children and grands this weekend with a Mexican feast and watching the Kentucky Derby. Thank you for your tips and inspiration!

    1. Jenna, thanks so much! It sounds like you will be having SO much fun on Mother’s Day. No matter what we do, being with our children and grand children makes it the BEST, doesn’t it?

  7. Sharon Crigger-Stokan

    Such beautiful floral arrangements! Floral Fridays are the best! It’s wonderful that you get to celebrate with your daughters and granddaughters at the American Girl. Such fun! I count it a blessing to know that my mom who is no longer with us in person, is still with us in our hearts. I’m so thankful that I’m able to celebrate Mother’s Day with my sons and their families!

  8. What an exquisite post!Gorgeous silver pieces and romantic china with a stunning flowers bouquet!Perfect!

  9. Thank you so much, Maristella ! Flowers are always so beautiful, aren’t they?

    1. Thank you Susan, flowers somehow always remind me of my Dutch mom!

  10. gloria

    My mother-in-law and stepdaughter are coming for lunch mothers day. I do miss my mother but have incredible memories that I cherish. I was going through some old pictures just yesterday of her when she was in her teens. She passed away four years ago at the age of 91. I thank God I was able to enjoy her company for all those years, happy Mothers Day to all.

    1. Gloria, what a blessing to have your Mom until 91! And to have such beautiful memories of times with her is such a blessing, isn’t it? Hope your Mother’s Day is a wonderful one!

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