AUTUMN is like no other season, it’s a magical season when the year slows down, and nature slowly changes colors and gets ready to rest.

Early evenings are perfect for lighting candles, adding seasonal displays to our homes with fallen leaves, branches, acorns and pinecones.

Our garden has seemingly changed overnight with seed pods, empty stalks and more shadows than just a few weeks before. The air in the early morning and late afternoon has a snap of chill, so wonderful to breathe in after a hot summer.

French Napoleon Mannequin

Here at FrenchGardenHouse, our Fall Collection has helped me transition to the glorious season of Autumn.  The rich colors, the textures, all help to bring the beauty of autumn inside, and inside is what I’m really excited about now, to create a beautiful autumn home, a home that invites lingering in the living room, on the sofas to talk and share adventures.

There is more time to gather the people I love indoors, and put out little touch points of the season. Enjoy browsing around our home and see how our collection has helped me bring autumn inside.

A large Florentine tray from a recent buying trip to Italy in the living room with a stack of favorite design books, an antique French canning jar filled with flowers, some PlushPumkins, and our favorite FrenchGardenHouse Luxury Candle in French Country Currant Verte makes my coffee table warm and inviting. I burn the candle during the day, often in the mid afternoon, so that it releases that wonderful scent throughout the house.

Napoleon Large French Flower Bucket


I am using the new fall collection Napoleon French Bucket as an umbrella holder in the hallway, {just in case it rains! hoping} and again on the little wood console to hold a small topiary.

French Country CachePot

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve already served drinks in our new gold rimmed glasses, everything from a kicked-up version of apple cider, to a sparkling water. Served on a tray with some gold, these fit the season so well, don’t you think?

Moi et Toi Glasses

And then of course autumn is a wonderful time to drink a warming cup of tea. In the European tradition of my grandmother, I’m serving myself a cup of hot tea every afternoon at 3:30, and taking a few serene minutes to just be, and look at the garden through the windows in the living room.

Antique & Vintage Tea Cups

One of my favorite “new” corners in the living room is in front of the large back windows, where I’ve set a small table for two. It’s a wonderful place to serve breakfast or lunch, either to the two of us here at FrenchGardenHouse or when I invite a friend over.


My John is very fond of dogs, and in another room in our home, one he loves to read a book in or work in, a little collection of dogs, both prints and little porcelain characters add a bit of fun!

(If you put the word dog  in the search box on the webshop, you will pull up all the dogs we currently have available!}


Antique Mother of Pearl Inkwell | Antique Dog Print


They are not huge works of art, but a little whimsical touch is always appreciated, at least it is by me!




Inspired by the French countryside, the tapestry pillow covers from France are almost sold out. And no wonder, how charming are these two girls?



A favorite of many, these hens will warm your home and your heart! I have them at home on a bench. The covers are made in France, and the colors are just gorgeous, not just for this season, but year round!


French Hens Pillow Covers

Our Autumn hostess gifts {or “it’s for myself gift!”} are almost sold out, too. And no wonder. These are the perfect little gifts to take to a host or hostess you love. A loving gesture that will be much appreciated.

French Country Lavender Olive Soap


The fall Hostess Candles in Olive and Merlot are a completely “ready” gift for you to bring when you are invited for dinner at a friend’s home.

I’ve taken my share over to friend’s homes, along with a bottle of French wine, and been very pleased at how warmly they are received!

I chose these because they are unscented, and have a long burn time. At the dinner table, you don’t want the scent of a candle to obscure the scent of the delicious food!

These candles are special, they are hand dipped and unscented, and burn for a long time, 6-7 hours, and are sold in a set of 4.



French Country Merlot Candles


French Country Olive Candles

Speaking of long lingering meals with family and friends, autumn is the season to set your table with transferware dishes, French linen cloths, and a lot of love!

Antique Birds Dinner Plates

French Linen Bread Basket




Antique Transferware Bird Platter


Thank you for looking around our home with me today!  I am working on the Holiday Gift Collection, and spent the day at the floral wholesale showrooms choosing some things for our Christmas trees this season. Honestly, I’m tired now. 🙂  I’m going to light a few candles at the table in the kitchen, and enjoy a huge bowl of soup!

Coming next: Join me Thursday for the Styled + Set Tour, where I’ll be sharing my Thanksgiving table!


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16 thoughts on “AUTUMN AT HOME”

  1. Love everything. Great ideas for my own home. Burning candles during the entire year even in summer.

  2. Rita, that chair is one of the very first things I ever bought. It’s had its share of upholstery, I think the leopard is a stylish and fun choice! Glad you do, too.

  3. Ginger Valdes

    Everything is simply elegant,Lidy! I want one of everything! Your hostess gifts are perfect. Hmm, let me check the bank account 😉

  4. Thank you Shannon! I hope you are having a wonderful fall, too.

  5. Patricia Flournoy

    ordered your moi& toi glasses. How wonderful they are…We spend our summers at our home i Beaune but I have never seen anything like these. They will be perfect on our bar! ..Thank you so much for finding them

  6. Autumn is my favorite season as well. We return to the states next week. We be bringing back bay leaves, dried grape vine leaves to use at the table on Thanksgiving as well as a herb blend that I made from our garden. Obviously this is all part of my ‘foraging’ fetish.

    1. Lisa, I love it! There is nothing more special than to enjoy a little part of your Italy at your Thanksgiving table in the states!

  7. Hi Lidy! I always save your latest post to drool over when I have plenty of time. So yummy. Hope you get some rain! Hugs, Pat

  8. Jean Van

    Hi, Lidy,
    I so enjoy seeing all your pretties, and ideas and EVERYTHING IS JUST SO INVITING, LOVE THAT Louie I HAVE 2 AND LOVE THEM ,ONE FOR 20 YEARS, CAN’T believe ITS Fall, ITS 93 HERE ALL WEEK, CRAZY, HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND.~~~~~~~~~~~

  9. You are truly a “style guru” … your home is so beautifully dressed for Fall with so many gorgeous details and amazing antique treasures. Your home is just a sheer delight to those who enter your door!

    1. Shirley, thank you so much. I love to make my home cozy for my family and friends, just like you do. I love your decorating!

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