The FrenchGardenHouse Summer Jewelry Collection is here. A curated collection, designed and hand made by American jewelry artists, these easy breezy pieces lighten up your style, in a very personal way.

Take a style cue from your summer wardrobe, and accessorize with cool organic stones like citrine, topaz, and turquoise.

If you can’t hop on a plane to visit a summer luxury resort hotel, you can still dress the part!

Ready for sunny days, a date at a beach front cafe, or a cocktail party onboard  a friend’s yacht.

Here are a few of my favorites from this collection.

French Abeille Necklace

How much fun is this one-of-a-kind necklace designed by H. Kennedy? Summer is one of our favorite seasons because there are no rules when it comes to summer fashion trends. And this necklace? Made with a vintage bug with gossamer golden wings, this is sure to add some cheery color to your summer jewelry collection.

Gold Lace Earrings

These Gold Lace earrings are the perfect combination of elegant and eccentric.  Summer dress, or breezy off-the-shoulder top + these earrings = Cocktails on the yacht, done.

Bee Locket Necklace

Turquoise is one of the favorite stones of summer, this vintage locket necklace has that sublime color, as well as a carnelian gemstone…and a buzzing bee for that summer mood.

Citrine & Sterling Earrings

Sunny days and suntans, summertime revolves around the sun. Citrines are the sunniest jewels, these earrings set in sterling silver will add a golden glow to any summer day.


Citrine & Peacock Pearl Sterling Earrings

Elegant, these earrings reflect an ideal summer mood for any occasion with their citrine baguettes and peacock pearls set in sterling silver.

Orchid Earrings

Summer is the perfect time to add some cheery color to your jewelry collection, and these Orchid danglers do not disappoint! As temperatures rise, sometimes all you need is an exceptional pair of earrings with a simple, elegant look.

Ondine Bracelet

Another way to spread summer joy, Georgia Hecht’s Ondine bracelet has plenty of golden glimmer with aqua stones to catch the sunlight’s sparkle.

Turquoise Garden Necklace

I fell in love with this one-of-a-kind necklace by H. Kennedy…there are three bugs enjoying the summer garden amids turquoise beads – perfect to wear to your garden club luncheon. This piece makes a simple white dress or shirt look like a million bucks.

Blue Topaz and Sterling Earrings

A pair of statement earrings is an absolute must have for the summer, and there is nothing that suits hot summer night dinners by the ocean better than these blue topaz and sterling earrings. Color of the sea, beautiful glimmer, you don’t need anything else to accessorize your own summery beauty.

I’m in production with the Fall Jewelry Collection right now, but loving these warm summery days.  I hope you are too!

Lighten up your wardrobe, stay cool, and simplify your accessories.


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