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Georgia Hecht Aquamarine Ondine Bracelet

Georgia Hecht Aquamarine Ondine Bracelet
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This exquisite Ondine Bracelet celebrates the opulence of every day and special days with plenty of glimmer and elegance. Luxurious vintage Aqua blue green colored faceted crystals, white colored faux pearls, rhinestone rondelles and large clear Crystal compliment each other {and you!}perfectly. 

This collectable bracelet is worthy of your every days and most elegant evening occasions. Designed and made completely by hand by USA jewelry artist Georgia Hecht. A fabulous addition to your collection of hand made jewelry, mix in with antique and vintage pieces for fun. Signature patina bracelet is Magnifique!

  • Measures 8" long -can shorten by clipping loster clasp further up the chain. 
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