Introduce a Breath of Spring to your Home Decor


Are you as ready for a breath of spring as I am?

Spring may still be a month or so away, but let’s start celebrating this gorgeous, warmer season now. I can’t wait to lighten up our home, and one of the best ways to do that is to add some bright, fresh color.

I’m putting together our FrenchGardenHouse Spring Collection which will make its debut soon, I’m sharing just a few sneak peeks.



One of the first things I always do is change out my linens, especially in the kitchen.  There is something about a fresh, new, clean dish towel draped over the farm sink that just makes me happy. You?

This spring, I found these gorgeous, thick French tea towels for you. {and me!}



New Linens

Made in France, they are weighty, and have the most whimsical borders on the sides. Each is a little work of art, they are a perfect gift for a host or hostess, too. Think about how great the Monsieur Homard towels would be for your annual seafood boil!

I choose one design for my three favorite parts of France, Paris {of course} – Provence – and the Brittany Coast. Wait until you see the French Country pillow covers and the tablecloths!



Spring is one of my favorite seasons, our weather is warm, but not too hot, and there are all those beautiful flowers that burst in bloom in the gardens.  Even a few snips of little chamomile can infuse a room with spring, and make me smile.


Antique French Botot Bottle

This Antique French Dentrifice {yes, it’s a thing…a liquid toothpaste!} Bottle is so charming. I was excited to find a few of these old store stock from France. Labeled for Botot, PARIS, a company that Dr. Julien Botot began when he invented the first “toothpaste” in 1755 for King Louis XV. These bottles aren’t that old, they are from the very early 1900’s. A snippet of chamomile looks superb in it, don’t you agree?

Fruit Canning Jars

I’ll admit, I can’t wait to run to the market and buy lots and lots of FRUIT in spring.  I’m trying to cut out most sugar {bother} because I’ve found that our family just feels so much better when we eat more fruit {natural sugar} versus the other sugar. {the one we all like.} But who doesn’t love fruit?


From France: these vintage French canning jars are from the 1930’s or 1940’s. How fun are these? They add a whole lot of personality, and a little quirky to your kitchen, or dining room. One makes a great vase for a whole big bunch of chamomile, or other flowers.


Line a few up on your open shelving in your farm kitchen. So many of you asked for French Country antiques and vintage to compliment your love of RED, so I was super excited to find these!


It doesn’t take much to give your home a “change of season” look. Just bringing in some new, colorful accents can do it!


Before I go, I know that many of you are waiting the arrival of this year’s “litter” of hand made French Metal Hare Buckets. They are exclusive to FrenchGardenHouse, you can’t buy them anywhere else.

They are made here in the USA in extremely limited quantities, carefully by hand, by an artist. Last year they sold out almost immediately, leaving some of you “Hare-less” for your Spring and Easter tables. Don’t miss them! In French Blue, or Black.



HareBucketFrenchbBlue 2
French Hare Flower Bucket


I’ll reveal the French Spring Collection soon. Until then, freshen up your rooms a little for spring, even if it is still winter.



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25 thoughts on “Introduce a Breath of Spring to your Home Decor”

  1. Nancy Scott

    I love to bring out my tulips, lavender & spring scented candles! The flowers are artificial but are a sub until the real ones appear in the garden They are quickly followed by bunnies. Hooray for springtime!

  2. Taste of France

    Are the jars for canning or for liqueurs? We have received large jars like that, as hostess gifts, full of cherries and other fruit (only one fruit per jar) steeping in homemade liqueur. Good stuff BTW. Maybe for both!
    Are you familiar with the textiles of the Catalonia region of southern France? Very pretty and very rugged. Bright, colorful stripes.

  3. Our French Oasis

    I just love the chamomile in the jar, nothing says Spring more than that, wild flowers casually popped in an old French jar – absolute perfection, just looking at your photo made me smile, now I just need the spring weather here!

  4. Carole Shiles

    Hi Lidy, you are spot on with spring inspiration. I love the fruit jars that are just right for spring flowers. Have a “hoppy” day.

  5. Ginger Valdes

    I so agree, Lidy. Changing my kitchen towels is always a good way to change your seasonal feel in the kitchen, along with florals, of course. Thanks for the inspiration. Can’t wait to see all your new treasures!
    XO,, Ginger

  6. What beautiful linens! Certain to bring Spring right in to the kitchen. And those jars are wonderful – so different from our Mason jars!

  7. Lidy, I am addicted to pretty tea towels and have an entire French chest brimming full. I like to put fresh ones out to use and some to hang on a rack just to look at. I love to laundry them then starch and iron all of them. Using them as place mats, napkins, gift wrapping a bottle of wine, the ideas are endless. I love to bake and if a friend isn’t feeling well they just might get a loaf if my sweet potato bread wrapped in a freshly ironed tea towel. Thank for showing yours.

  8. Teresa Cabebe

    Awesome! I love the linens. The simplicity of your blog is clean, beautiful and it makes me want to copy. Thanks!
    Teresa C.

  9. Since I don’t make a lot of seasonal changes, I like simple ideas like using pretty linens. Your presentation is lovely, and all those who share your style are going to drool.

  10. Thank you for this wonderful post full of spring inspiration. I can barely wait for my garden to bloom so I can bring cut flowers into our cottage. I do have chamomile and a bottle similar to yours. Changing the kitchen teal towels is the first change I make for spring. Super easy to do with instant impact. Have a great day, Lidy! xo

  11. I love fresh linens and these are beautiful! Spring is slow to arrive for us this year. Nothing but rain in the forecast. These pretties would surely help the wait.

  12. I do so love spring, too. The French Hare Flower Bucket is wonderful. I’m saving up for it.

  13. Lorraine

    I’m so pleased that your metal buckets are made in the USA. I’m looking for bird houses to decorate with this spring. I was also happy to see your new linens. I bought some a year ago that were made in Italy. Bright, fresh colors. Reading your blog gives me inspiration.

    1. Thank you Lorraine! I try my very best, when not buying French things {since I am a French antique dealer!} to buy
      from and support American artists!

  14. I love linens, too. Always looking for cute ways to display them. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    Bunnies are my downfall every spring!

    Jane xxx

  15. Evelyne Williams

    Always enjoy the change of seasons and the opportunity to brighten our home with light fresh colours. New cushions and bright bouquets of flowers always cheer up the place.

  16. Julie Watson

    Ah Spring…bring it on! So ready to warm up, lighten up, and brighten up.
    I’m afraid that like some others, I have a weakness for beautiful tea towels, especially those from France. Yours are charming. The Mr. Homard makes me crave some lobster tail.
    As Spring arrives, I love opening windows to let the fresh air trail through the house–especially when the lilacs and mock-orange are blooming. Heavenly!

  17. Julie, thank you. I am pretending to smell your beautiful lilacs and mock-orange right now!

  18. Nan, Odessa, DE

    You share lovely post that inspire me.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much, Nan! I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

  19. Denise

    I’ve been doing a little spring decorating around here, wouldn’t it be beautiful to add to a side table. the book looks so nice, who wouldn’t like to add it to their collection.
    Thanks, Denise

  20. Your home is so gorgeous, Lidy! I’m in love with all your spring touches and everything you do.

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