Summer Favorites


Summer is here. Warm beach weather days, that lead to cool, breezy evenings here in our California ocean town.

There is so much to love about summer. {even though I am a Fall fan at heart!}


1. Picnics or meals in the garden, in parks, or on the beach.

Lobster Salad

2. Huge, blooming hydrangeas in pinks, blues, purples and white.


3. Dinner made on the BBQ.
4. Fresh, juicy heirloom tomatoes, preferably home-grown.


5. Farmer’s Markets.


6. Playing Jeu de Boules {like Bocce Ball} with my family on the back lawn.



7. Early morning cups of coffee in the front Provencial garden.


8. Reading a really great book. Have you read Kristy Woodson Harvey’s latest novel? I highly recommend it.



9. Walks with Bentley, our labrador.

10. Flea markets and antique fairs! {you probably guessed that one, right?}


What are your top ten things you love about summer? I’d love to know!

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20 thoughts on “Summer Favorites”

  1. 1. My best one: Longer daylight hours
    2. Not being cold when I dress / undress
    3. Hanging laundry outside to dry
    4. The smell of the sun on washing as it dries
    5. Not having to clean the Aga (although I do miss using it)
    6. Going sleeveless and wearing thin cottons
    7. Early mornings, so beautiful and fresh
    8. The long evenings, and sitting outside at the end of a day, with a glass of wine 🙂
    9. Not feeling sorry for animals who are cold and wet
    10.I would love to say ‘my garden’ but I can’t…..although I CAN say “other people’s gardens!” that look glorious in summer

    1. Love all of your favorites too, Jeanne! #1, 4, 7, and 8 are my personal favorites on your list!

  2. I love the song of the cigales, like cicadas, but they don’t sing the same way! And sleeping with the windows open, good summery smells coming in. And gorging on fruits and vegetables. BTW, I highly approve of those tomates de Roussillon! And the uglier the better. My favorites, though are called “ananas”–pineapple tomatoes. Big, misshapen, yellow tops and reddish bottoms, with solid, juicy, sweet flesh. Can’t get enough.

    1. I love the Roussillon! You are right, it seems that the less beautiful they are, the better they taste. Tomatoes, REAL tomatoes, are beyond a luxury these days, aren’t they?

  3. Summer! My favorite word in the English language. Love the freedom in our clothes, sandals. The taste of summer, fresh from the garden veggies, ice cream churned the old fashioned way. The smell of freshly mowed grass. Eating on the porch hearing the birds sing, children playing, hearing the water slipping down the water fall. Sleeping with the windows open on a sleeping porch. Watermelon and cantaloupe picked right from the garden and having as much as you like. Seeing the children digging into the melons face first! Iced tea or lemonade on a hot summer day. Children so tired from playing that they fall asleep at the dinner table. Aunts, uncles and cousins from up north coming down south for a wonderful visit. There is so much to love and so little time to take it all in.

    1. I love all of those, Alice. Family, children, melons, birds, grass…all of it!

  4. Ashley Bergstrom

    Lovely post Lidy! Always look forward to them and recipes you include. Loved the pic of the family!! Ohhhh, those flea market items. Love it all!!

    Have a wonderful and blessed day!

    1. Thank you Ashley, I have to admit, that the flea markets and European buying trips are my personal favorite summer things!

  5. Hi, Lidy,
    Always such a joy to look at all your pretty photo’s and get so many great idea’s and the colors and reading all the things . Thanks and have a great summer and be safe~~~We are all thinking of you here~~~~~~~~~~~Happy times ahead~~~~~~~~~~~

  6. Hi Lidy, I think my favorite is the morning cup of coffee. It always tends to put me in a good mood and then I’m ready to start the day.
    I loved your favorites, thank you for the inspiration. xx Jo

    1. Jo, I agree. That morning cup of coffee is my favorite, every season, together with reading my devotional. Perfect way to start the day!

  7. This is great, Lidy! Your pictures capture summer so perfectly.

    I love parties and especially, outdoor parties!
    Farmer’s Markets
    Picking my own flowers
    Dining al fresco!

    On and on…

    Hope you are having a fab summer. Love the pic of your ever growing family. Ain’t life great? ;-D

    Jane x

    1. Thanks for visiting Jane! All of your summer favorites are mine too. Yes, I love our ever growing families…you are right, life is great! xo

  8. Jamie from Kentucky

    1. The flower garden in full bloom
    2. Pontoon rides on the lake
    3. Grilled hamburgers and fresh sliced tomatoes
    4. The sound of all the tree frogs and cicadas at night
    5. The smell of the morning air
    6. Antique auctions and flee markets
    7. Soft vanilla ice cream on a cone
    8. Sweet tea
    9. Corn on the cob right out of the field
    10. Porch swing time with family at the lake

    1. Thanks for your great list! All of those are so magical, and spell s u m m e r. I love these lists, they remind us that we have so much to be thankful for! {I totally forgot about ice cream!}

    1. I love that, Shirley! I am going to read Kristy’s book again, it was that enjoyable!

  9. Temps above 80
    Flip flops
    Sun dresses
    Late nights out in my gazebo
    Fire flies at night
    Grilling out
    Eating outside
    The intense warmth of the sun
    Evening walks with the dog
    Bike rides

  10. Karen Grava

    Sitting on a sailboat as the sun goes down.
    Drinking coffee on the back deck with our dogs, Chloe and Peter.
    The beach!!!
    Lobsters, fried clams and soft shell crabs
    Oysters on the half shell.
    Half day work Friday’s
    Drinking pina coladas by the pool with my girl friend.
    My beautiful flower gardens and deck containers.

    1. Karen, what a great list! I love all of those, especially half day work on Fridays. {If only that were true for me!} 😉 The pina coladas sound pretty nice, too.

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