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Summer Fine Dining, the easy French Country style way!




At FrenchGardenHouse, there is so much to do, so much to be grateful for in summer. Gorgeous summer weather. Spending time with family and friends. Creating lush floral bouquets with flowers from the garden. Fun filled afternoons that turn into evenings in the garden, with BBQ’s and entertaining outdoors.







I appreciate the easy-going nature of summer. Setting a beautiful, French Country table outdoors just seems to make even the most casual meal fabulous!  By the time dessert comes around, it’s getting dark, and candlelight cast a romantic glow on the table, your guests, and your garden. Magical!  Setting the stage outdoors is so very easy, your dishes don’t even have to match. In this table setting, what ties every place-setting together is the same {new} Country Check Plate, and the blue and white color scheme.






Our latest shipment of French Country antiques has just been unpacked, and this is the perfect time of year for you to set a country table, make a delicious, easy dinner and discover Fine Summer Dining, no reservations needed. I love the simplicity of the antique French wood garden carrier filled with two giant hydrangea flowers from the garden. A simple glass bottle, filled with wild chamomile. Home made lemonade with blueberries….all simple pleasures of summer.






Create the ultimate alfresco dining experience, with French style! For fine dining every night, you can create a beautiful table with antique and vintage dishes.  For this casual country table setting, I set our long wood table on the back patio with a collection of antique French dishes, topped with our Bon Appetit Napkins, Blue Gingham Checked Salad Plates, Vintage Silver-plate flatware {Each piece is different and has its own stories to tell} and Floral Amour Goblets.



NoReservations2 Bon Appetit NapkinFlatware Blue Check PlatesFrench Goblets, Antique French Plates



Here at FrenchGardenHouse, we eat fairly simple but delicious meals in summer. Chicken, fish or steak on the BBQ, a huge tossed salad, and a fresh summer vegetable.


My talented friend Chef Lisa Hatfield Torres has a fantastic recipe she is sharing with all of us for asparagus topped with the most amazing gremolata.






Doesn’t this look amazing? I’m in love with the taste of this. It’s fresh, it’s easy, it’s beautiful to look at, and it’s delicious!





Gremolata is a flavor packed topping for vegetables, pasta, meat, or it can be made into a quick salad dressing. You can chop the ingredients on a board or mix in a high-speed blender.



This gremolata recipe combines buttery toasted pine nuts, tangy capers, sweet bell pepper, basil, lemon zest, and parsley together, and is light, fresh, and clean!






Layered over freshly grilled summer asparagus? Delicious. And a secret recipe you can tuck in your entertaining file to pull out and make, and have your guests be amazed. And happy. Very, very happy. And that, after all, is why we set an interesting, pretty table, and make fresh, flavorful meals, right?



To make our family and friends happy. Let me know if you  make this, and how it turns out. Me? I want to just eat it out of the bowl. But that would be very un-ladylike.  





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4 thoughts on “No Reservations | Summer Fine Dining”

  1. What an charming summer table. It is welcoming and fresh. And the food looks scrumptious.

    I too love the ease of summer entertaining and alfresco is always my first choice when it comes to summer meals. Those plates are so pretty.

    Enjoy your summer.


    1. Summer, if I’m honest, is not my absolute favorite season, but one of the many joys it brings is outdoor entertaining and meals taken outdoors, I agree! Happy summer to you, too, Janet!

  2. Very pretty. I like that things don’t match perfectly. That gremolata looks yummy. I’ve put it on roasted tomatoes, but not asparagus–an idea to keep for next year’s asparagus season (it’s over here, sniff!).

    1. I’ll try it on tomatoes too! Thanks for that tip, it sounds as if this will just be fabulous no matter what it is served on.

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