Thanksgiving Favorites | Beautiful & Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Each holiday season, one of my favorite things to do is add seasonal fresh elements to our dining room table, the side tables, hall console and guest bathroom.  Their seasonal colors and textures add a celebratory decorative touch to our antiques.

I love fresh flowers, and the mix of flowers with fruits and vegetables? Magical.


While I adore the luxury of over the top grand arrangements, my lifestyle more often includes days of hunting down exceptional antiques for clients, photography styling and shoots, writing magazine articles about my loves {antiques, what else?}, my family and friends, so time is not something I have the luxury of for creating those grand arrangements.

I am demanding. I want my floral designs to be both stunning, as well as easy and quick. And if possible, not too expensive.


This arrangement fits the bill. I hope you will try one, it’s simple, not too costly, and the effect is quite mesmerizing. Three bunches of flowers, fruits and vegetables. For this arrangement I chose red, purple and green.


Not having Thanksgiving at your house? Don’t worry, make one for the dining table now, and enjoy this arrangement to add beauty to your every days. Your days and hours are worth enjoying, each one is a gift!

Make A Beautiful & Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece.

1. Gather your supplies.

1 long container

3 coffee mugs, or small jars to hold water.

2 bricks of floral foam for height for the squash and eggplant {you could use small cardboard boxes}

Some plastic bags or paper for stuffing, moss to cover up areas.

3 bunches of flowers – I bought red roses, and 2 bunches purple asters.

Vegetables and fruit. I bought 1 round squash, 1 eggplant, 1 pomegranate, red grapes, 2 large artichokes and a bag of bright green chayotes, which were on sale for 1.00. {You could use green apples instead}

2. Get your container ready.

In my case, I used an antique French copper fish cooker. {Since we are going to put the flowers in mugs, your container doesn’t have to be waterproof.} Arrange the mugs or small jars interspersed with dry foam. If you don’t have the foam, anything else will do, small cardboard boxes or plastic food containers, turned upside down. These are used to raise the squash and eggplant to eye level. Fill the mugs or jars with water.



Stuff plastic bags, shipping pillows {what I used} or scrunched up paper in the spaces to stabilize the water filled containers.


3. Cut your flowers, and start arranging.
Pick the leaves off the flowers on the bottom, and cut them to your desired length. Now the fun begins! Start by placing the biggest pieces {in my case the large green squash and the eggplant} on the elevations {foam or boxes}, then add flowers to the containers as shown below. I put the flowers in the water filled containers, then nestled my artichokes inside the middle of them. Once you have that in place, slowly add more and more of the vegetables and fruits, until it pleases you and makes you happy! Fill the spots in with moss, just tuck it in, it covers a multitude of plastic and paper that you don’t want to see.



4. Add ivy or other clippings from your garden.


I used these florist tubes filled with water to add long ivy I cut from the back garden here and there to add interest. You can buy these at Michael’s, often they come in a flower arrangement so I save mine. Fill in any empty spots with more moss. Voila! A gorgeous arrangement, perfect for your table or French buffet.


Easy, not too expensive, beautiful. I placed my arrangement on our long table in the kitchen for dinner last night. With the lavender runner, the simple Wedgwood dishes and the twinkling candles in red and clear votives our table look worthy of the season of thanksgiving and gratefulness.

Let me know if you make something like this, and how it turns out! Don’t want to miss a post? Sign up to get my newsletter sent to your email inbox, above right.

xo Lidy

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9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Favorites | Beautiful & Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece”

  1. Beautiful…I think fruit works so well in our Thanksgiving and Christmas decor but I never thought to present it this way.

    Thank you, dear!

    Jane x

    1. I agree, Jane, fruit works so well, and it is perfect for this season.

  2. This is just beautiful, Lidy! There’s nothing we could use for a centerpiece that could be more beautiful than the natural things you’ve chose. I really love the deep rich color of the eggplant mixed in there.

    1. Stacey, I agree, the deep purple of the eggplant is so beautiful with the reds. 🙂

  3. So beautiful Lidy. Natural yet elegant, a glorious blend of fruits, vegetables and flowers. A living cornucopia!
    Thank you for your classy style and inspiration.

    1. Jemma, thank you! I love elegant and easy. And you can eat the grapes and other vegetables and fruits later too!

  4. Love this! It’s so pretty! Love the colors and the centerpiece is beautiful!

    Happy day!

  5. Ginger

    Love it!!! You’re always an inspiration for me. Thanks for the great idea.

  6. Hi, Lidy,
    Love all the table settings great ideas, I am going to use some of them and tell my daughter in law as well, I to use flowers and fruit, very pretty, Happy Holidays~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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