The Art of Writing

“Words are the medium with which the soul paints a picture.”  Robyn Freedman Spizman



Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a love for words. As a little girl I wrote stories for my family and teachers. I loved to express myself in creative ways. Later as an adult, I wrote thank you notes, long letters to my parents overseas, and cards for every occasion.

Somewhere in our storage area there is a box filled to overflowing with letters my husband and I wrote each other as teens, before we both lived on the same continent.  {we wrote several times a week!}  There is something special about the {hand} written word. Yes, I know that these days, we email and text, but there is something fleeting about that, you can’t save those words, to pull out again and again, to read over and over and delight in them.

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When it comes to special words, words that express our feelings for another person, it is so beautiful to send a card, with hand written words. Words matter. They can have a lasting effect on the lives of those we write to. Words are the messengers we use to show our feelings of love, concern and care.  Life is a collage of memorable moments……and it’s often the words, written and/or spoken, that we hold dear as time passes.

When a small handwritten note is just the thing to thank, encourage, inspire or motivate someone you care about, the  letterpress cards I sell in my shop are perfect.  Something the receiver will cherish, and keep, to read your words and feel your love for them. Tuck one in a bouquet of flowers, add one to a bottle of wine you are presenting to your host. {Find my cards & tags in Celebrations}


Giving a bottle of wine? My exclusive WineTags made with illustrations from my collection of antique prints are perfect to tie on the bottle after writing something personal for the recipient, they already have ribbon attached.


Do you still write notes? And when? Or are you, like so many, totally in love with texting and emailing instead? I’d love to hear what changes, if any, you have and are making to the way you communicate with your friends and family.

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12 thoughts on “The Art of Writing”

  1. What a wonderful post subject—writing letters! As a teenager I cut my teeth on Gladys Taber books, and she remained my “mentor” thru her writings. Her books were largely letter style, a regular in Ladies Home Journal, etc from her lovely Stillmeadow in New England. I became a letter writer. My father is a wonderful letter writer. And I hope some day I can turn my thing into a book.
    Julie W.

    1. Julie, thank you for your visit, and for leaving a comment. I hope one day you can turn your writing into a book, too. Your description of your horse ride on your blog made me feel like I was there with you.

  2. Hi, I always do and thank you ones to, it is becoming a lost art with the internet, but I will always send notes because I love getting them back~Happy Treats to all~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  3. Nancy Pianfetti

    Hi Lidy, I love writing notes and letters and have done it all my life. I cherish beautiful note paper and a new pen is always a special treat. I have received such wonderful, heart felt thanks from so many people I have written to and I understand how much the time taken to write a personal note means something special to the recipient. There are many of us who will make sure that this art never dies. We make sure that our grandchildren always send handwritten thank you notes for any gift received and we just picked up Christmas Thank You cards today so we are ready for them to send them out as they receive each gift.
    Love and Blessings, Nancy

  4. I have a box of letters and notes from friends and family dating back to my elementary school days!!! That box is such a treasure! I love fine stationery and I love writing (and RECEIVING) hand-written letters and cards. Nothing else compares.
    Michelle from

    1. Michelle, I agree, re reading those letters and notes is such a lovely way to go down memory lane. Love it!

  5. Hi Lidy, I so enjoy your posts and the great articles in the magazines this Fall by you are amazing. You truly are an artist. XO Jo

  6. I agree with you…so many miss the written letters and card from the past. I do try and really love to find pretty notecard and stationery So sweet and fun!

    Jane xxx

  7. Hi Lidy 🙂

    I think the written letter or note is almost forgotten. Sometimes, I think I’m the last one that still writes thank you cards and sends Christmas cards, until I read something like your beautiful post. Sad isn’t it? I treasure everything that has ever been sent to me, including those notes that were passed in class when the teacher wasn’t looking 😉

    I had an absolutely lovely time catching up with you as always. You are and have always been such an inspiration to me. Now I’m going to get up and do something beautiful for myself, since I read your post about French women… ooh la la 🙂


  8. Lidy,

    Your blog and tips are always filled with such gracious beauty and inspiration!
    While my dear Mother was still living we wrote weekly and sometimes twice!
    I occasionally drop a note to my two daughters who live away and to a couple of friends-I think that I need to be doing this more.
    I do save all the cards that I receive and I still have my Mother’s letters to me in a couple of special boxes.

  9. Kimberly Nelson

    Love this post! What great ideas! I pulled out a box of my grandfather’s love letters to my grandmother…looking for inspiration and a run to Paper Post! Hope you are doing well Lidy!

    1. How wonderful that you have your grandparent’s love letters Kimberly! I love that. Happy weekend.

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