Summer Collection: Set a RED WHITE & BLUE Table Outdoors

What I love about summer most? Gathering family and friends outdoors to celebrate summer around my outdoor table. I love to entertain, and in the summer, I think of our garden patio as another room of our home.FrenchFourthFrenchGardenHouse

There is something so relaxing about eating outdoors.   I have so many  fun new things in the store for you that I’m really excited about. Thank you for taking a look through our newest collections.


I layered our old long wood table with a vintage matlasse coverlet.  In the center, our new French Urn & Platform, don’t you just love the scale of it?  Each time I use this, I love it more.  Here I just added a blooming hydrangea in the urn, but you could put a great big pile of shells, moss balls, a draping ivy plant, or even nothing but a tangle of clear twinkling lights {the battery operated kind} for evening. The urn is separate from the platform, so that you could use the platform to display a plate of appetizers and still use the urn as a centerpiece, too, for a different look for your table.


Our La Brasserie Bleue Bowls are perfect to mix with our Red & Blue Checked French Country Plates.  Don’t you think the little pop of the Red Plates on the Blue is just perfect?


1.Medium French Checked Plates. Set of 4: 40.00

2.Red & Blue Checked French Country Plates. Set of 4: 72.00

3.La Brasserie Bleue Bowls: Set of 4 : 38.00

The French Country Checked Bowls are so great for everything, I use them for cereal, soup, snacks, fruit, ice cream {a particular favorite!}, I’ve even marched them down the center of the table filled with a few flowers as centerpieces.  Just a few of them make your classic white dishes take on the holidays and special occasions with a whole new style!

French Country Checked Bowls: Set of 4: 59.00.

Each season I get new towels to refresh our kitchen at home, and more often than not, at first, they will be used as oversized napkins for a tablesetting.  These new Le Brasserie Bleue Towels are wonderful to use as large napkins. They soften beautifully when washed, and look pretty darn cute at the same time, too!


1. La Brasserie Bleue Bowls Set of 4: 38.00
2. Le Brasserie Bleue Towels Set of 3: 30.00


Another shot of the gorgeous urn. It really takes this table to the extraordinary, don’t you think?


Here is a view of the urn without anything in it. Love it even “au naturelle”!  Large French Metal Urn & Platform 130.00.


At one end of the table, our French Country Checked Cake Stand works perfectly to hold French baguettes and a little butter.  Dressed with a few sprigs of rosemary clipped from the border, it elevates the simple bread to something special.

FrenchUrnFrenchGardenHouse3French Country Checked Pedestal Cake Stand 65.00

I think this table setting would be wonderful for the Fourth of July, a family BBQ, or a luncheon for your garden club.  I hope you are inspired to set your outdoors tables for meals, not only for entertaining or special occasions, but maybe every night family meals, too. Eating outdoors creates magic memories!


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7 thoughts on “Summer Collection: Set a RED WHITE & BLUE Table Outdoors”

  1. Sandra

    Will you be getting more of those urns soon? I love them, please pm me on FaceBook or email to let me know, I could use 4, two for my main residence and two for the summer house. merci! Xx

  2. Nicolette

    So happy the urns are back in stock! Thank yu, can’t wait for mine to arrive.

  3. Brenda

    I love this tablesetting. Thank you for always inspiring, Lidy

  4. Barbara Isaacs

    I love your online store. Please add me to your notification list of new items.

  5. Just beautiful! Your posts always make me smile! You really inspire me and motive me to make little changes I would have never thought of! Thank you so much!

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