Simple French Supper with Antiques at the Table


If you have been following me on FaceBook, you know that we are having our ceilings scraped, stuccoed and painted. And all the walls. oh. my. goodness. I know it’s going to be beautiful, but what a mess! The meetings, guests and meals we have here with family and friends just continue in parts of our home that are not wrapped in plastic, or full of plaster dust. Outside. Inside. They have been, by necessity, simple. Today I am sharing a simple dinner tablesetting I set up on the kitchen table a while ago when 8 of my friends came to dinner, using French Country antique plates, antique French monogrammed Napkins and a vintage Hotel Silver Carafe filled with herbs and lavender from the garden as the centerpiece.


I love the simple French plates, like the ones above, on our wood table.  The runner is a length of hand woven linen, which I used as a country style runner. On each plate I wrapped a small baguette in a napkin, and added a sprig of rosemary for green color. {Great to have a few fresh herbs growing in pots on your back patio.}

Really simple, with French flatware, glasses for water and wine.  Nothing fancy, but stylish enough to say “welcome, I am excited to have you here!”


Antique French glass jar with a paper label holds some twigs from the garden.  The hotel silver carafe has a little bouquet of mint, rosemary, and a clipping from our French lavender plants.  Pretty, simple, stylish. And fits right in with my crazy “painting” schedule.  Menu?

*French Cheese Platter with nuts, dried fruit and assorted crackers.

*Salad with goat cheese, candied nuts and cranberries.

*Asparagus quiche

*Fresh strawberries

*Red & white wine, Blood Orange Spritzer from Trader Joe’s.

It was fun. delicious. easy.

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6 thoughts on “Simple French Supper with Antiques at the Table”

    1. Thank you for the visit, Dori. Hopefully one day you can sit at our table and enjoy a meal and good time!

  1. Just beautiful! I would love to come over for dinner at your house any time. I love that you always use real napkins, not enough people do that anymore.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! It’s not always a grand occasion, nor haute cuisine, but we do always have fun at the table.

  2. Jayne Merrimacs

    First time here visiting your blog, so much to see and learn. Will be back, and bring some of my friends with me, they have a thing for antiques and I know they will enjoy your writing too.

  3. Some fabulous antique pieces Lidy, I am enjoying your blog, its often hard to locate good antique related blogs

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