Secret Life of Antiques: Collecting Antique French Utilitarian Decorative Glass




Antique French Utilitarian Glass makes a decorative statement displayed all by itself or in a collection.  This glass is beautiful, and still very affordable, a perfect way to start a collection of antique and vintage glass pieces.

These antique and vintage storage and canning jars were all made in the early 1930’s, in factories in Folembray, France.





Originally used for canning and storage, they are beautiful enough to display all by themselves, but still function wonderfully well as intended, to use for handy storage in the home.






Each of these is a lovely piece of French history.  They are decorative as well as useful, each has their own personality and stories to share of their past in a French Cuisine.









Not just for storage inside your home, the pale aqua yoghurt bottles make the most delightful floral vases.





Classic French DemiJohns make a stunning addition to both traditional as well as contemporary interiors.




Antique French glass is perfect to show off a beautiful bouquet of flowers. This Antique French Apothecary Jar has a gorgeous paper label in light Blue, Savons Antiseptiques.




Now that spring is starting, an antique French Glass Jar such as this is perfect to place outside with a bundle of wax flowers to cheer up your table in the garden, too!




If you want to romance your Home and Garden with antique and vintage treasures to make you smile each time you come home, visit our shop FrenchGardenHouse.

1 thought on “Secret Life of Antiques: Collecting Antique French Utilitarian Decorative Glass”

  1. DVonTrobelGravestein

    Thank you for always featuring an antique I love to learn about. Here at the horse farm, or in our home in the Cotswolds in England I love to display a variety of antiques. Yours are amongst my favorites. You have a discerning eye, and a lovely way of explaining things. Merci beaucoup. Gratefully yours, Dorinne Von Trobel-Gravestein

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