Weekly Favorites: Giddy over Gilt.

Every woman’s French Boudoir should have gilt. Gold Plating, that is. {gilt with an “i” only!}


There are so many beautiful antique and vintage vanity and dresser items to use daily and display with joy.  Our collection includes perfume bottles, hand mirrors, brushes, but also antique French Crowns, gilded frames for photographs, everything ever made with a layer of gold that is exquisitely made and beautiful to look at and use.  Over the top feminine, romantic, and just about the most gorgeous way to display your jewels {diamonds and pearls, whether faux or real, the little jewelry boxes truly are a girl’s best friend} and give your dressing table or vanity an elegant, and classic look.


Little glass French caskets like this, with the old beveled glass, the tiny French feet, those “diamond pointe” little tabs {even they have an ornate design} holding in the heavy glass panels are such tiny treasures from the past. Beyond dreamy, no?   A fabulous display piece to hold your special jewelry, watch or keepsake. Not only for your antique watches or pendants, these look wonderful with almost anything show~cased inside. {one of our customers recently presented his girlfriend with just such a box he purchased from FrenchGardenHouse with a beautiful diamond in it and asked her to marry him. She said yes!}


This exquisite Antique Art Nouveau Jewelry Casket with a glorious design featuring our beloved Rose, oval in shape,  is the very last one of a collection of 18 we bought a while ago. Romantic Roses are so collectable! This little antique treasure has the most adorable petite French feet, lid opens well. The 24 kt. gold gilt has worn a little over the last few decades, but this is a sterling investment and showpiece for your collection. How gorgeous will this look on your French Vanity to hold your diamonds and rubies, divine!


Once in a while, a vintage “gilt” piece is so fun, like the Stylebuilt Jewelry Box above, plated in 24 kt. gold, with roses and all the ornate filigree you could want, mirror on top and a double row of rhinestones.  Marilyn would love this!


As you can see, with gilt, the more the merrier, one piece is beautiful, but when displayed together, gilt really makes a statement.  A collection of boxes is not only for the bedroom or bathroom, however. We have clients who collect the ormolu boxes, and display them in their living room on a mirrored tray, absolutely gorgeous!


This vintage Satin Glass Box is one of my favorites, it’s so unusual with the small diamond shape mirror on the top.  There are so many ways to bring elegance, romance and femininity to your home, especially in your bedroom and bathroom, these gilded treasures do a stellar job adding glamour. 

When displaying your collection, the more the merrier. One piece is beautiful, but displayed together, gilt accessories truly make a statement. A collection of jewelry bottles can be the highlight of your bedroom or bathroom, a selection of jewel caskets displayed on a grand mirrored tray will bring elegance to your living room in a grand manner. These gilded vintage treasures are sure to add glamour and sophisticated style to your home.

I am constantly adding both the more expensive antique French pieces to our offerings, as well as the more reasonably priced pieces to add joy to your gold digging heart.  You can find most of them added to the Paris Boudoir in my shop.


If you want to romance your Home and Garden with antique and vintage treasures to make you smile each time you come home, visit our shop FrenchGardenHouse.


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