Dreaming of Spring

I begin dreaming of spring gardens in January.   Do you?


This old hand colored plan is for the gardens at Versailles.  Beautifully laid out, formal gardens with different garden “rooms” that required an army of gardeners to keep in shape.  I love gardens, flowers and gardening antiques. I’m always on the hunt for the big gardening pieces for FrenchGardenHouse, the French urns, statues, benches and other decorative focal point treasures for your gardens.

Each year we try our best to bring some interesting gardening “smalls” to you, also.  Like these Arles wood crates that are not all that old, but charming none the less. A beautiful addition to your own garden, or potting shed, to hold seedlings, little potted plants, or perhaps your cache of antique gardening books. Find them here.


These Antique European Metal Pots, with two handles, are fun to use in the garden as a cachepot for your favorite plants.  Originally used as cooking pots, they were “repurposed” in Europe with a coat of hand applied paint, then stenciled with the name of our favorite towns in the Provence, and some in Italy.  Containers with personality are what bring texture and interest to your garden. {and fun!}
I recently added a collection of antique and art deco era {1920’s} French containers and vases to our offerings. Some are from a chateau sale, others are the old, antique floral vases in enameled cast iron used at cemeteries in France for a loved ones weekly floral tribute. Hightly collectible, they have glorious patina and wear, and are sculptural little works of art that can be displayed alone, or with a heirloom rose from your garden. {see them here.}


I hope you have a beautiful weekend. Dream of some spring flowers. I have an appointment with a dealer who might have some of the larger pieces for the garden we love! xoxo Lidy

4 thoughts on “Dreaming of Spring”

  1. Love the crates, just ordered three. Can’t wait for spring, we are knee deep in snow, sleet and ice right now. Thanks for sharing the hope of spring.

    1. Angie, keep warm. My goodness, it’s so cold where you are. You can dream of spring now, hopefully it’s just around the corner.

  2. I love your blog, and just discovered your whole shop too. Such beautiful things, oh, dear, I’m putting a few things on my wish list for my 38th birthday, for sure.

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