A Victorian Christmas Lunch

I wrote this for Victorian Homes Magazine, and thought you might enjoy it.

The holidays are rich with tradition, this year why not revive the lovely Victorian custom of a formal Christmas Luncheon? To add enchantment to your holiday, take inspiration from our Victorian Christmas Luncheon table set with pieces from our collection of antiques. Christmas is the time to use the most beautiful things you own. Antique linens, dishes, serving pieces and silverware makes the most delicious holiday offerings look even more tempting.

 photo FrenchGardenHouseVictorianChristmasLunchInvitation.jpg

1. A formal invitation. Set the tone of your Christmas Luncheon by making your own Victorian inspired invitation. Replicate a favorite antique image from a Victorian holiday card, or download an image from your computer to print out on your laser printer. Tie a ribbon for a luxurious detail through a hole you punch in the top. Though created with modern techniques, your thoughtful invitations are sure to be admired and delight your guests.


 photo FrenchGardenHouseVictorianChristmastable.jpg

2. Set an exceptional table. This is the time to bring out your most resplendent pieces. Like an illustration of a long ago Christmas, this fine cut work tablecloth provides the perfect backdrop for antique holiday tableware. The French Limoges plates blossom with delicate Green Roses, while the Mother of Pearl silverware adds a glow of the past. An antique French sterling salt cellar and rare silver vinegar holder in the shape of an ostrich add Victorian flair to this setting.

3. Bring the beauty of nature indoors. Fabulous holiday fruit arrangements are a Victorian tradition, especially at Christmas time. On this table, two stacked glass compotes hold a variety of fruits for display, a garland of rose leaves, arranged underneath, are the perfect compliment.

 photo FrenchGardenHouseVictorianChristmastable1.jpg

4. Favor your guests.  In the delightful  spirit of giving, collect unusual favors for each guest to place at each setting. This year I used antique Scraps, and enduring example of Victorian scrap art, on each plate for guests to take home.  


 photo FrenchGardenHouseVictorianChristmas2014cake.jpg

5. Sweet Endings.  Present a variety of home baked cakes along with a deliciously simple mixed berry compote from your sideboard or hutch.  Dried apricots are easy to serve from an antique silver and crystal server, the mixed berries glisten in the Victorian silver compote, to be spooned on each plate.  A beautiful presentation is as easy as displaying the cakes on pedestals or Victorian silver trays, tie a satin ribbon around a few for holiday dress!


 photo FrenchGardenHouseVictorianChristmasWelcome.jpg

6. Linger over conversation.  Set up a small table filled with sweets and champagne toasts in the living room, to continue the conversation after luncheon in front of the fire.


 photo FrenchGardenHouseVictorianChristmas2014.jpg

7. A Parting Gift.   Give each guest a cherished gift of home made cake or cookies when departing. Beautifully packaged, our FrenchGardenHouse Victorian Cranberry Cake is nestled in a box decorated with anaglypta wallpaper, tied with a satin bow and surrounded by fresh greens.  No time for baking?  Store bought meringues are just as thoughtful when presented in an antique glass compote tied with a shimmering ribbon.

 photo FrenchGardenHouseVictorianChristmas2014favor.jpg

Next time I’ll share the recipe for my FrenchGardenHouse Victorian Cranberry Cake.

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8 thoughts on “A Victorian Christmas Lunch”

  1. Cecilia M

    So pretty! I noticed your recipe for the cake in Victorian Homes Magazine, and will try it. No shot of your tree this year?? in the magazine? I always love seeing it. xo Ceci

    1. Ceci, no tree shots this year! Unfortunately my tree was not in great shape. We shoot the images in August, and have to use a “faux” tree for obvious reasons. Ours, sadly, did not work well for this and several other shoots. I am looking for a new and “perfect” tree.

  2. I just discovered your website thru a magazine ad and am in love. Everything you do and sell is so lovely. So happy to find you.

  3. johnpaul

    Loving the champagne set up on the petit table. So elegant and refined. Are you sure you are not from the South?! We would love that around here.

  4. Oh, I love the brides’sbasket. It is so pretty, I put it on my wish list, hope that my own personal Santa will choose one of the things I put on there from FrenchGardenHouse. He always buys his gift from you, and each one has been a treasure I will keep forever. Has he bought anything yet???Thank you for sharing your creativity, and your brillliant “eye”. hug, Barbe

    1. Thank you Barbe, you KNOW I can’t tell what Santa has in mind!!

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