Re~blogged: Make a simple Garden Wreath

I get so excited about the start of our holiday decorating. It’s so fun to unwrap everything, all the baubles and beautiful decorations. Per your many requests, I am re blogging the directions to this simple wire and greens garden wreath that I designed for Romantic Homes Magazine a few years ago. Perfect outside, but also to hang in each window at home. Just please be mindful of the candles, I only use these on windows without draperies. ¬†These would be great as an alternative to an Advent Candles too, if you hung four, and lit each one on a Sunday in Advent.

Add a natural touch to your decorating to celebrate the season, I’d love to show you how you can make this very simple wreath, using greenery from your garden.

Outside on my potting bench is the perfect place for this little ring of light for a party. So easy to make: you just need sturdy wire {buy at hardware store}, wire cutters, thin florist wire {get at Jo Ann’s or Michael’s}, a pair of thin pliers, and cuttings from some kind of green bushes from your garden. I used Boxwood since they needed to be trimmed.
Bend the thicker wire into a circle, cut off using the cutters at about the size you want, with 1/2″ on each side extra. Use the wire pliers to make a loop, like a shepherd’s crook at each end, as shown. These will slide into each other. Or…..form one loop, close it off, and thread the other end of wire through, and form that end into a loop so that you have made a circle.
Then, simply lay a piece of your greenery on the wire form, and start wrapping the thin florist wire around it, adding more greens as you go. Overlap the greens, and keep wrapping until you have covered the whole circle.
At the very end, once the whole circle is covered, simply wrap the florist wire around the frame a couple of times, and snip off. You can add a ribbon or wire to the “loop” at the top. Add a clip on candle holder {I used a vintage one, you can buy new ones here} and a candle. This is a fun wreath to hang in a window, over the sink in the kitchen is a perfect spot. Don’t forget to never leave a burning candle unattended.


Happy Decorating!

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