This is an exciting time and a very busy time at FrenchGardenHouse. This week I will be going to market, scouting for the unique mix of home decor and accents that come together to make the FrenchGardenHouse look. I’m hoping to find a few more fabulous pieces for our fall and holiday collections. I’ll also be deciding on the final selections for our Les Belles Fleur Collections for Fall and Holiday, fresh and exciting flowers and arrangements!

AND…our daughter is getting married next weekend! also. so. exciting.




Because I don’t have much time to fuss with floral arrangements in the next few weeks, I created a summer garden in an antique French tureen, using blooming plants, to give our living room color and a touch of the garden. It also just happened to coincide with our theme for this Friday’s Floral Friday!

Win! Win!


If you are coming over from my friends Mary, Pam or Shirley, WELCOME! I’m so excited you are here, and I hope you feel right at home and stay awhile.  At the end of this post, I’ll have links to the other three posts for this Floral Friday inspiration, so be sure to visit all of them.  

Mary, Pam, Shirley and I hope to always have something beautiful to share, and to inspire you to create something delightful for your own home!



For my dish garden, I choose one of our FrenchGardenHouse antique French ironstone tureens, with a deep area for the plants.  I bought a sweet little white blooming rose, a very alluring calla lily with pink flowers, and my all time favorite ivy.

In our living room, the French commode is a wonderful place to showcase flowers, or in this case, the dish garden.  On the silver tea tray, my tureen with plants looks right at home for summer together with a flow blue plate, some quirky {and inexpensive} silver birds I sold a few years ago, and one of the latest antique silver plated tea pots I acquired for the shop.



At first, I added the little silver bird and an antique flower pot to nestle with the plants, see below. But there was something about it that made me feel like it wasn’t 100% right, almost, but not quite!



There, that’s much better! I put my grandmother’s antique Chinese tea cup in the pot instead, it looks much better and really gives the arrangement a pop, don’t you agree?


Two roses from our own garden are nestled in the hotel silver creamer, they add another layer of that garden feel I wanted for this area of our room.



I purposely bought a little rose that had a lot of buds, so there aren’t many beautiful flowers to show you yet. In summer, flowering plants will last much longer in our non-airconditioned home if I carefully select those with more buds than flowers.



Adding one or more decorative elements to a plant arrangement is an alluring way to express your personality.  If those decorative elements just happen to be antique, even better!


It’s really so easy to create a dish garden, the steps are the same as the directions I’ve shared before for CREATING A DESIGNER ORCHID ARRANGEMENT >

I hope you will try to make one!




The most important thing to remember is to add a layer of gravel or rocks on the bottom of your container, for drainage. And to carefully water, not too much, once a week or so.  I let my little gardens get fairly on the dry side before adding water in a cup.


A trick I use sometimes, especially for my orchid arrangements, is to add a few ice cubes on top of each individual plant in the summer. The ice melts slowly, so that the whole plant will get some water.



Those little chinoiserie tags on the tray are something I’m working on for the Fall Collection.


Because I have recently rekindled my love for blue & white. {I know, I know, many of you never strayed from the classic blue & white like I did when I strayed to cream and red for a few years.} {Which I still love!!}



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For those of you who always ask for sources:


Embossed Silver Teapot | Antique Flow Blue Plate | Palace Hotel Silver Creamer


I hope you are having a gorgeous Friday! I’ll be shopping the latests and greatest home decor, getting inspired by the fresh new designs in the showrooms, and hopefully falling in love with some beautiful things for you and me to add to our homes for fall and the holidays.  And…I’m really looking forward to our wedding next week!

My girls and I have had a wonderful time shopping for “the” dress, my darling bride even tried on all the antique wedding tiaras and crowns from the shop. The antique shoes I added to this collage for fun….the bride will be wearing very high, very stylish Gianvito Rossi heels.


This is a wonderful time for our family, one I am locking in my heart forever.



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à bientôt


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  1. Just beautiful Lidy! I love your French tureen with the ivy spilling over the sides, in combination with the roses and pop of pink from your calla lily. Your grandmother’s antique tea cup adds such a pretty and sentimental accent to your dish garden…a dish in a dish garden, how perfect! I can’t take my eyes off that stunning embossed teapot and I love the sweet silver birds too. Sending your wishes for a calm and wonderful week as your prepare for your daughter’s wedding festivities and your shopping for FGH. Your daughter is beautiful along with your wedding collage details. It’s always a pleasure to join you for for Floral Friday, Happy Weekend. ?

  2. Oh that dish garden and the vignette is truly breathtaking Lidy!…and of course you would choose a gorgeous French tureen to showcase the beautiful flowers and plants. …. the vignette, as always a showstopper! Then there is the sentimental tea cup from your grandmother…love that you added the “dish” to the dish garden! Exciting times ahead for you….I must say that I love the photo of your and your girls…you are a beautiful family!!….Have fun at the Market….wish I was a stowaway in your shopping bag!…and so excited for you and the family with the upcoming wedding…I can just imagine how so beautiful it will be!! … How fun that the Bride To Be was able to choose a tiara from your collection!….Have a fabulous weekend and as always, I so love joining you and the ever so talented and incredible ladies of Floral Friday!

  3. So stunning Lidy! And so creative! Your choice of dishes is unexpected and I love the addition of silver and china pieces, so much eye candy! Enjoy all the wonderful wedding festivities, you have a busy week ahead for sure. I wish them much happiness…

  4. So love the Floral Friday that you ladies are sharing with the rest of us out here. I so enjoy the gardens, the arrangements, the little additives that make each photo “pop” and the absolutely inspiring creativity that all of you display. Thanks for bringing your homes and inspirations to all of us to enjoy.

  5. Thank you so much Libby! It is a joy to have you join us on our Floral Friday’s, we love being together with all our like-minded friends!

  6. Adore the little silver bird,so very cute.
    You will be busy next week.Have a wonderful wedding, wish them much love and happiness.

  7. Anja, thank you, we’re very excited for the celebration, and love the groom! Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

  8. Absolutely stunning Lidy. I love the flow blue plate, the French tureen, the silver including the sweet birds and the treasured cup. I also have two little silver birds my Mother had. I also have a love affair with ivy…can be a special addition to almost any creation. My best wishes to you and your beautiful daughter. What a wonderful time..relax and enjoy all of it! Thank you for this lovely post.

  9. Thank you so much, Dianne. I agree, Ivy looks wonderful with everything!

  10. Love your arrangement . Have done some myself , years ago a basket with my then three year old daughter .
    I am so happy for you on your daughters upcoming wedding . It is such a special time . My husband and I sang at our daughters , One Heart , One Hand .
    Keep in mind that it is your day too , you are the mother .hope you’re u will share a little of the wedding very , very happy time ! ???

  11. Lidy, this is so very pretty! What a gorgous vignette you have created with the plants, flowers, blue and white and silver pieces! I know you must be so excited about the wedding. Enjoy this happy and special time!

  12. Gorgeous, Lidy. Wow, you have so much going on. You are a wiz doing posts before your daughters wedding! I remember the time well and I was exhausted but happy.
    Your dish garden is stunning and I’m with Mary, hard to forget the dazzling antique embossed teapot.
    I know your wedding will be wonderful. I hope you will share pictures. Praying for everything to be her hearts desire.
    Beautiful post today. You have such good taste and styled the perfect dish garden.

  13. Thank you so much Bonnie! We are all looking forward to the celebration…and I hope she lets me share at least a few photos! Happy weekend!

  14. Lidy, what a beautiful presentation as always. I love every detail that you used to put together this stunning vignette! I agree with the others, the antique embossed teapot is an eye catcher. Take time to enjoy this most blessed event next week. What a special time in the life of you family. Sending best wishes to the happy couple as they begin their lives together. I love sharing Floral Fridays with all of you charming and talented ladies!??

  15. Lovely! All your arrangements are so classy. I love how you pull things together from what you own to make all your arrangements and table scapes.

  16. Thanks so much, Maryanne! It is so fun to make something beautiful for home with antique pieces, plants and flowers, and just a twinkle of imagination, isn’t it?

  17. Beautiful, Lidy, with your unique finds integrated in the arrangement.

    Congratulations on how far you’ve come so far in all the wedding planning details. I certainly hope you enjoy this special occasion with your family!

  18. Thanks so much, Rita! Our kids actually planned the whole thing, all that is left for us to do is to go, and enjoy the experience! Hope you have a gorgeous weekend, xo

  19. Love your arrangement . Have done some myself , years ago a basket with my then three year old daughter .
    I am so happy for you on your daughters upcoming wedding . It is such a special time . My husband and I sang at our daughters , One Heart , One Hand .
    Keep in mind that it is your day too , you are the mother .hope you’re u will share a little of the wedding very , very happy time ! ??? , You know , I need to either proof read my comments or ‘they’ need to move that key next to the question mark . Will try to do better
    Have a good day ??

  20. Hi, Lidy,
    Just no words for all of the above, lovely and loved the family photo and wishing all of you a a very Happy Wedding Day, also enjoyed all the photo’s of your 3 friend’s and so many great idea’s and loved the dog’s so cute and the stories and even tho it was sad about one of them made me cry because I am a animal lover it was so sweet that she shared all the cute photo’s of her babies. Have a wonderful time at the wedding~~~~~~~Many Blessing’s~~~~~~~~Jean~~~~~~~~~

  21. Hi Lidy — So much lovely inspiration! I’m already thinking of what I can use to do something similar. Have a happy, joyous wedding week!

  22. Lovely, lovely, lovely…….wishing you a wonderful wedding celebration.

  23. Love Your arrangement. Be sure to enjoy and share this special moment with your daughter at the wedding. Mother of the Bride. Best wishes for a long and happy life with her new Husband.

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