Vintage Hand Embroidered Madeira Tablecloth Calla Lily with 12 Napkins


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Exquisite Vintage Hand Embroidered Madeira Tablecloth with Calla Lilies with 12 Napkins. Such a gorgeous set to create your most elegant table settings! Finely made with large calla lilies and leaves, the color is a soft light blue with grey tints. Tiny precise stitching by the women of Madeira created incredible flowers all over the sheerest organdy.

The needle work is meticulous. Such a pretty set, an unusual color and floral design. Some of the napkins are slightly different color, most likely they were washed more often as is usual for an heirloom linen set used and loved by a family. There is a small hole in one of the appliques, I have left this alone as it isn’t very noticable. {It’s reflected in the price} A sterling addition to your collection or antique and vintage heirloom luxury linens. 

  • 1 Tablecloth 102″ x 68
  • 12 Napkins 20″ x 19″
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