Antique Linen Monogrammed Napkins set of 6


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Six exquisite White Linen Napkins loomed of a pure, heirloom fine quality linen monogrammed with a lovely triple  “C A H” embroidered in luxury, scrolling bourdon letters. These pretty napkins are classic and elegant in their simplicity. The linen has a wonderful weighty “hand.” These will look stunning and set your most luxurious table.

Beautifully hand embroidered with luxury stitching, the damask has a lovely swirling design woven in the center, divine! Probably dating from the earlier part of the 20th century, this set is in good condition. Clean and pressed, two of them have slight discoloration as shown, this may soak further, the family used them for many decades with love. Sold in a set of 6.

  • Measure 22″ x 21-1/2″.
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