Vintage Hand Carved Cameo Brooch


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Hand Carved Cameo brooch will add romance to all your days. Beautifully proportioned, expertly carved, this traditional shell cameo pin features a lovely lady in the classical style. She has an ornate hairstyle, her curling long hair is a symbol of her femininity.

Note the fine quality of the carving, and how the expert carver used the natural curvature of the shell to create a soft jawline on the beautiful face. Surrounded by a gold filled bezel with engraved design, the clasp on the back has a locking mechanism. A luxury piece, perfect to add to your collection, and as gorgeous worn on the lapel of a blazer or blouse as on a silk French ribbon as a choker.

  • Measures 1~3/8″‘x 1~1/8″.
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