Estate Gold Cameo Pendant Portrait Brooch


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Exquisite, elegant and romantic, those are the perfect words to describe you.  This exceptional hand carved Cameo brooch  will add romance to all your feminine ensembles. Beautifully proportioned, expertly carved, this traditional shell cameo features a lovely woman with highly detailed floral accessories. She has an ornate hairstyle, with braiding, curls and a flower embellishment, at the shoulder of her gown is a stunning floral corsage.

Along with her detailed necklace, her curling long hair is a symbol of her femininity. Note the fine quality of the carving, and how the expert carver used the natural “blush” of the shell to create a soft jawline on the beautiful face. A world class piece, perfect to add to your collection, and as gorgeous worn on the lapel of a blazer or blouse as on a silk French ribbon as a choker.

  • Measures 1~1/4” x 1~1/8″.
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