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Vintage 1968 French Agricultural Farm Animal Show Prize Award Trophy Plaque 7 Prix


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Vintage French Metal Agricultural Award Plaque 7 Prix, awarded to a Normandy breed cow female in the Concours Agricole Departemental de la Sarthe. Sarthe is a department of the French region of Pays de la Loire, and the agricultural competition is a yearly and much anticipated competition. The traditional agricultural competition and trade fair features cattle, horses, sheep and goats, and often butchers and farmers showcase and sell their wares. The annual agricultural fair is also a form of support for breeders, for whom daily life is sometimes complicated – this is a true highlight!

Award plaques such as this were presented as prizes and trophies at animal shows and agricultural events throughout France. Raised lettering with pre-drilled hole for easy hanging. This metal award is green, it is from the 1968 winner of the 7th prize. Not sure what madame de bovine’s name was who won this, but I hope she was proud!  Award plaques like this make a charming accent singly, or in a grouping of more.

  • Measures 9″ x 6-1/4″h.

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