Rare Antique Hand Made Brussels Lace Bonnet Veil


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Incredible and rare early 19th Century Hand Made Rare Antique Hand Made Brussels Lace Bonnet Veil with ribbon bows and flowers. If you are a lace collector you will greatly admire this stunning work of history. The length indicates this is the type of lace scarf that was either used to fill in a neckline, or tied around the top of a bonnet.

Beautiful work, each end was embellished with hand applied delicate floral elements, the sheer fabric hand sewn onto the net. The same type of flowers are hand embroidered on both horizontal ends. Scattered on the net are delicate embroidered dots, the embroidery threads carefully stitched around a little circular opening. Breathtaking! This gorgeous lace maker’s treasure has survived in remarkable condition, I spotted one tiny break in the net. I have not laundered this, as I know you collectors like to decide if you will wash or not, this charming piece has darkened to a light cafe au lait color, but no doubt will soak much lighter!

  • Measures 82″ l x 11″w {ends};9-1/2″ rest.
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