Louis XVI Style Carved Giltwood Architectural Fragment


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Stunning Louis XVI Style Carved Giltwood Fragment with the symbols of Louis XVI, a flambeau and a quiver of arrows crossed, surrounded by a laurel wreath and flowing ribbons. The flaming torch is an ancient symbol of life, truth and regeneration, the quiver of arrows signifies the ability to use force in the pursuit of justice.

Louis XVI used these two as his symbols to associate himself and his reign with their strong powerful meanings. The bird feeding her baby symbolizes freedom, hope and new beginnings. Once possibly part of a large mirror or an over-door, there are bits of gesso showing through, and wear to the gilding, patina expected with age and use. {Underneath there are three slots where the piece was fitted onto the frame of the mirror or the door.}

  • Measures 31″ x 12-1/2″ h x 1″.
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