Early 19th Century Antique Old Paris Double Inkwell


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One of the loveliest decorative desk accessories ever, this Early 19th Century Antique Old Paris Double Inkwell is of such fine, luxury quality. Unsigned, as many of the early Old Paris pieces were, these early pieces are of Sevres quality. Modeled by a master artist with a light hand, hand painted and hand enameled with exceptional care. The young woman is sitting on a tree stump, a shawl drawn over her shoulders. She has gathered pears and other fruit in a cloth, and is pressing a lush pear to her heart. 

Her expression is lovingly painted, she wears a lovely pink gown with a hand enameled and gilded design. Two white baskets sit on either side of her on a lawn of grass. This reminds me of the the work of Jacob Petit, master porcelain producer. Some wear to the gilt here and there. A lovely decorative addition to add some spice to your collection, she will gladly hold your favorite gold pens, paper clips, or fill both baskets with a single rose for your vanity.

  • Measures 5-3/4″ x 3″ x 5-1/4″h.

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