Large French Provencal Style Earthenware Preserving Pot

A beautifully glazed Large French Provencal Earthenware Preserving Pot, hand thrown and hand glazed. This pot has a wonderful mustard yellow – olive green glaze. The two well shaped handles and ribbed base show the workmanship of the artisan who made this pot on his wheel. Made mid 20th century, pots like this are each individual works of the potter’s art, the glazing is lovely on this one.

A charming piece to add a touch of Provence to your home or to enhance your collection of French pottery. Perfect to use for flowers, I generally place a container inside the pot first for water. Slight wear to the rim, the owners glued a felt base to the bottom to protect their antique furniture.

  • Measures 9-1/4″ x 8-1/4″h.
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