Fine Antique French Valenciennes Wide Lace Trim in Ivory


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Made in 1910, this Fine Antique French Valenciennes Lace Trim is beautiful. Bought from a lace collector in France, it is incredibly delicate but strong. Valenciennes is a bobbin lace, this piece has an a floral design. Looking through a magnifying glass, this lace boggles my mind. 

The scalloped border has an eyelash edge. The piece is not perfect, so cherished was it by the family that there are two linear repairs. The top also has a separation as shown. Please only purchase this piece of French history if you don’t mind this. Incredible to drape around an antique mannequin, to use in a sewing project, or to add to an antique towel perhaps? Those of you who sew or collect antique dolls will know what to do with this.

  • Measures 42″ x 16-1/2″.
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