Early Antique Carved Bread Board and Knife


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Early Antique Carved Bread Board and Knife, such an exceptional addition to your collection. This treenware board has aged to a rich, mellow dark color,  and has the word “BREAD” carved in the top. Over the century and decades of family use, it has developed a slight wobble, which we love! The matching knife also has the word BREAD on the handle. It has a Sheffield blade, and was fixed at one part of its history with a “make-do” mend, it is sturdy. 

Used by generations to serve fresh baked bread at the table every day. Wonderful for a country meal,serve your favorite bread {made by you or your favorite baker!} in style. Both show they have been used, as it should be, very charming. This set is an eye catching for your French Country table! 

  • Measures 11-1/4″ x 11-3/4″, knife 13″l.
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