Antique Silver Plated Repousse Brides Basket


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Antique Silver Plated Repousse Bride’s Basket, covered with the most beautiful design of cherubs, angels, birds and flowers. Not perfect, stating that up front. It was made by E. G. Webster & Son in the late 1800’s. Brides baskets like this one were a favored wedding gift for fortunate brides on their wedding day.

This one was plated over copper.  It is perfect to display with a lush bouquet of garden flowers as shown in one of the photographs, but it is not perfect. The side on the bottom has split somewhat over the last century, and the inside is not the prettiest. I bought it anyway, because these are so rare to find without most if not all the silver having been polished off by the butler. Please only adopt this beauty if you can live with the grace of time! If using for fresh flowers, you will need to insert a glass for the water.

  • Measures 15″ x 10-1/8″ x 6-1/4″. 
  • To top of basket 7″h.



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