Antique Pair of Hanging Hand Carved Wood Putti, Angels


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Exquisite late 18th Century Antique Pair of Hanging Hand Carved Wood Putti, Cherubs, or Angels, a complimentary pair with such a devotional presence. These angels have stunning sculptural faces and feather wings. They are of amazing quality and condition. Complete with the original metal hooks that were used to hang these on the top of the altar in a church, these two are of fine quality and aesthetically so beautiful.

The sweet faces with the curly hair are extraordinary. A rare find, with their deep wood finish. In good condition, although not perfect, both are missing little fingers and little bits of the feathers, which is to be expected of pieces of this age.  They can hook over a mirror or large painting and will enhance any collection. 

  • Measure about 13-1/2″ l x 9″ x 4″. {largest}
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