Antique Millinery Red Silk Velvet Rose


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Antique French Millinery Red Silk Velvet Rose with silk velvet and metallic gold leaves. Flowers like this were made for the luxury couture trade, to be used for hats, or gowns. The most magical flowers outside of a garden, flowers like this were made in France, Czechoslovakia, Italy, and Germany. This early flower is a fabulous addition to your collection.

Pin this beauty on your suit, a la Chanel {I’ve taken to wearing large flowers on my blazers just for fun!} display in your home, tie to a package for exceptional style, or embellish a pillow. Express your own individual style with great flair. Some of the petals have slight fraying, this is an old flower and she is quite breathtaking!

  • Measures: 8″w {flower=5″w.} x 7″ l. 
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