Antique Appenzell Embroidered Swiss Linen Handkerchief Inset


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Exquisite 19th century Appenzell Wedding Handkerchief is hand embroidered on finest Swiss Batiste Linen with Linen thread. The finest, most beautiful hand embroidery you will ever find, made by the women of Appenzell at the foot of the Alps, Switzerland during the 18th and 19th century. Appenzell is the finest, rarest embroidery, world renowned for the gorgeous, meticulous hand work.

The embroidery consists of a very fine satin-stitch embroidery and delicate seed stitches that are so tiny and exquisite, it’s hard to imagine it was done by hand. Although Appenzell is considered whitework, the handkerchief has the soft gray, silvery shadow, which accents the fine stitching. This handkerchief is almost completely covered in embroidery. The work includes Buratto work, which is a grid or net type of needlework. Surrounding the central circular design are the most lovely flowers, and leaves, as well as scrolling and fantasy designs. The edges are scalloped. Divine! This work is so pristine and fine that it is difficult to see which side is the front, which the back. From a collection of the finest linens and lace.

  • Measures 11-1/4″ x 11-1/2″.
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