Antique Mercury Glass Beaded Christmas Tree Garland Set A


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Part of a thrilling find of antique mercury beaded Christmas Tree Garlands on a buying trip, this Antique Mercury Glass Beaded Christmas Tree Garland Set is exquisite.  Different multi faceted beads like this are harder to find, these garlands decorated the Victorian era Christmas trees in France, all over Europe, and here in the states. This collection comes from a French Country home, where they were used for generations of celebrations.

The large barrel shaped brightly colored beads measure a one inch, interspersed with round beads in silver. The other beaded garland has brightly colored thin ridged beads interspersed with the silver round beads. These kind of garlands are more rare to find, the bright colors are also beautiful unique! The colors are still bright and sparkling, there are a few broken beads which I have left as is, they’re a part of the history and the fragile nature of the very thin glass. {be careful when handling!} An exquisite and rare garland set for your Christmas tree or holiday decorating this year!

  • 1 Bright garland 99″
  • 1 Barrel shaped beaded garland 93″
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