Antique Hand Made Princess Lace Collar and Cuff Set


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Exquisite Antique Belgian Princess Lace Collar and Cuffs, called Princess lace because the Belgium Royal Family used it. The flowers, stalks, and leaves are applied on the net by hand with a needle. So beautiful, this is the prettiest tape lace. These are in good condition, a luxury addition to your antique lace collection, to display on your antique French mannequin, or to frame and hang in your walk in closet or dressing room.

The pieces have aged slightly over the last century, my guess is if you should want to, this would lighten considerably. There are a few minute breaks in the fine net as shown. I love them the way they are. Perfect for studying the art of lace making too.

  • Collar measures 28″ around the outside x 3″. Cuffs measure 9~3/4″ x 3~1/4″.
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