Rare 19th Century Hand Made French Velvet Beaded Collar


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Incredibly rare 19th Century Hand Made French Velvet Beaded Collar. Museum worthy, hand made, a feminine collectible¬†objet from the past that is so difficult to find. Utterly irresistible, this hand made collar or neck piece dates to the mid 1800’s, and what is most amazing to me is how small & delicate it is. Can you even imagine?

Made for a dress, high necked, with boning or stays inside the cotton covering on the inside, the outside is covered in fawn colored velvet, with hand sewn silver steel beaded embellishments. The very top has a picot edge for an extra touch of romance. Delicious and decorative, allow your favorite French mannequin to wear this, tie it in the back with silk ribbons. Or display underneath a glass cloche with your collection of antique clothing, shoes and parasols. Please only purchase her if you love her as is, she has darkening on the velvet, bending, and all things that happen to all of us with the grace of 173 years.

  • Measures 12″ in diameter at the top.2-3/4″h.
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