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Antique Hand Made Copper Pitcher


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Antique Hand Made Copper Pitcher, this beauty was hand crafted from sheets of copper, it has the grace of time and that is what makes it beyond wonderful. Spotted at a flea market, if you look closely you can see all the hand joined detailing. This is a traditional forged solid copper haystack measure, a vessel used to measure ale, cider, or other spirits in inns and pubs in the early 19th century. These pitchers ranged in size from 1/2 pint to 5 gallons, and always have the size stamped on the pitcher. Periodically, a local official would inspect each establishment to check that the measures were correct, and he would use a lead seal to stamp the rim with the date, number and crown if it was correct.

The handle is made from a single piece of copper plate, seamed and brazed into a square with the handle tapering from top to bottom. Marked with its capacity with a lead seal verification mark to the inner lip with the coat of arms for London’s local excise authority. This in accordance with Henry VII’s ‘Corn Gallon’ enactment of 1495. Has the grace of time, with small imperfections and wear which gives antiques their special one-of-a-kind character we love.

  • Measures 9-1/2″ x 8-1/4″ x 9-1/2″h.





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